This week's episode of "Teen Mom 2" left a very bad taste in the mouths of many fans after witnessing the way David Eason blew up at Jenelle Evans' children. While David's temper has bubbled up before, fans raised concerns for the children as well.

Cafe Mom wrote that they are worried, and they feel their concerns are for good reason. The website is addressing the televised interaction between David and the children on this latest "Teen Mom 2" episode. They are concerned that this may not be a good situation for these kids to be in.

Blowup on camera

According to In Touch Weekly, Eason "angrily yells at his kids on 'Teen Mom'" while the cameras are rolling. This blended family consists of Jenelle and her two children from previous relationships and David, who has two children as well from a previous relationship. The couple share a daughter, who was born last year.

Jenelle's children include two sons, Jace, who was born in 2009 -- his father is Andrew Lewis. Her son Kaiser was born in 2014 and his dad is Nathan Griffith. David and Jenelle's daughter, whose name is Ensley, was welcomed into the world in 2017.

A miserable ending to a getaway

David, Jenelle, and the kids were on a getaway at a cabin and all was going well until it was time to get ready to depart and head back home. Then it got a bit chaotic, and despite the kids being "super wild," which is how Cafe Mom described their behavior, they suggested that it was still inappropriate for David to react the way he did.

Some fans were extremely concerned over what they witnessed, like the viewer who tweeted below:

Granted, most parents know what it is like to function on very little sleep, which is what David was facing after the kids kept him up all night.

Then, to top off the scene, the patriarch of the family was looking at a long ride home as they were leaving their vacation spot.

David tried to get the "Teen Mom 2" cameras turned off so they wouldn't film the chaos as they got themselves together for their departure, but that didn't happen. What the cameras caught was a red flag for fans who are concerned about the kids.

David not only yelled but he dropped the F-bomb with his angry spiel as he told the kids they were leaving the cabin and going home because they didn't know how to behave. According to In Touch Weekly, it didn't take long for Twitter to light up with fans sharing their disdain for David's behavior toward the children.

Woes bubble up on social media

In Touch reports that one Twitter user suggested that MTV should be held accountable if David causes any harm to Jenelle or her kids. While no physical altercations occurred, this can't be good for Jenelle's custody battle. She is fighting with Nathan over the custody of their 3-year-old son. According to In Touch, Nathan claimed that David "punched his son." He said that this is what his son told him.

Jenelle is defending David and saying that this never happened. While scores of people have expressed online that it is never okay to yell at children the way David did in this episode, he also carried on with a lecture in the car that left viewers fuming.

The kids sat perfectly still and quiet as David lectured the children over their behavior, which made the scene "worse," suggests Cafe Mom because there was "a lot of swearing." The website also mentioned how lovely this getaway seemed to be for the family until David's blowup. Cafe Mom also said that "there's a line between being annoyed and losing it."