It's been a peak year for peak television. It seems there's a new stand-out series, creator, or even network with each passing week. I don't envy the Television Critics Association for having to pick the best and brightest for the 34th Annual TCA Awards, except for the fact that they have reason to go back and watch it all. The Television Critics Association announced the list of TCA Awards nominees yesterday (June 19). There are some established contenders, most notably Elisabeth Moss and "The Handmaid's Tale," as well as several newcomers. Below is what you need to know about the TCA Awards nominees.

A look at the 34th annual TCA Awards nominees

There's been much discussion about increasing TV's diversity in recent years, both online and on traditional networks. Creators and critics alike are listening, it seems, as a number of the top nominees come from women and POC. According to Variety, BBC America leads the charge with "Killing Eve," heading the pack with five nominations. "The Americans" follows closely with four nominations. Five separate series each earned three nominations apiece. "Atlanta," "Barry," "The Good Place," "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," and "The Handmaid's Tale" are in the running with three nominations each.

FX garners the most acclaim with ten TCA Awards nominations. Netflix is in a close second with nine nominations, while NBC secured seven coveted positions among the TCA Awards nominees.

The 34th Annual TCA Awards will take place on August 4. The glitz and glamour will be hosted by Robin Thede, host of BET's "The Rundown With Robin Thede." The awards show will also feature an award for career achievement and heritage.

The 34th TCA Awards nominees: analysis

The time is clearly ripe for new voices and visions on TV.

This is true of both stories as well as the means of distribution. "The Handmaid's Tale" comes from streaming staple Hulu, after all. The streaming providers have only been making original programming for five years with a recent production upsurge in recent years.

Likewise, "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" comes from Amazon Studios, which has been ramping up its original series and films in recent years.

We're seeing more diversity, with women and POC getting closer to award show equity. It's beyond heartening to see "Atlanta" getting its dues. With "Killing Eve" raking in the nominations, it stands to reason we'll be seeing more Asian perspectives on TV in the coming years, both online and on traditional networks.

Traditional formats and networks are still getting their share of the accolades. "The Good Place" is essentially a standard sitcom on one of the longest-running networks. It just happens to be very smart and stylish, steeped in philosophy, and has a dark sense of humor. All of the late-night contenders you'd expect to see are present, with their tireless campaigns for finding the humor in truth.

Considering the news year we've had, each of these brave souls deserves a trophy. Just give Stephen Colbert two.

The TV landscape is shifting, as we can see from this batch of TCA Awards nominees, but classic values still matter. Every nominated series features outstanding performances, eye-catching cinematography, stunning sets, and great costume design. It's exciting to speculate where things could go, blending modern perspectives with classical standards.