Olga Safari is a model and actress from Los Angeles, California, who starred in feature films "The Dome" and “Check Point.” Olga studied her craft at The Groundlings Theatre and School for Improv and under the guidance of Anthony Meindl in Hollywood.

Recently, Olga discussed her career as an actress and more via an exclusive interview.

Modeling, characters, and creative interests

Meagan Meehan (MM): You’re an actress and model, so which interest took hold first?

Olga Safari (OS): I would say I’m more like an actress, model, and influencer. I haven’t done much writing recently!

I’m most interested in acting. It’s by the far the best experience I’ve had. I love being on set and playing a different version of myself. It feels good to channel other sides of me that most people will never get to see in my craft. I take acting very seriously, I know that there’s always room to grow and learn more about myself. It’s such a crazy experience; I love every moment of it. The best feeling is getting an audition and going in knowing you can really be that other version of yourself in this character. It’s a natural high, in my opinion. I love writing. I plan to write a screenplay one day and have already thought about what it would be about. No promises though, haha.

MM: You grew up in L.A., so how much did your environment influence your creative interests?

OS: I love L.A. and I love that I grew up here; it allowed me to meet so many talented and successful people in entertainment that inspired me to keep going for my dreams.

MM: What roles have you played and what characters have intrigued you the most and why?

OS: I love playing crazy roles; as in characters that do things that I normally would never do “in real life.” My favorite role so far was playing “Nia” in a feature I did a while back (it’s not out yet).

I played a European woman that was evil, but also a tough chick. I got to shoot guns and had a fight scene with a guy. It was definitely a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work to prepare for that role.

Runways, television, and movies

MM: What sort of modeling do you most enjoy doing and what ads and/or runways have you appeared on?

OS: I love doing commercials more than traditional modeling because it involves some acting. I’ve done big commercials, print campaigns, and I’ve done e-commerce for some of the biggest clothing companies. I’ve worked with brands such as Forever 21, ULTA, and UNIQLO.

MM: Do you like acting on television or in Movies more and have you ever considered doing acting on the stage via the theater?

OS: I’ve done feature films, but haven’t done television yet. I did theatre from elementary until high school and I really did enjoy it, but I do have to admit that I love the set life. I like the idea of getting to do the same scene in different ways and then seeing the final cut on the big screen. It’s really the best feeling there is.

MM: What are your biggest hopes for the future of your writing, acting, modeling and overall career as an entertainer?

OS: As an actress, I’m hoping that I get to work with the best directors on projects that will get nominated for awards and become really respected films in Hollywood. My biggest goal though is to create positive changes in our world using my success and influence. I want to let anyone who is reading this interview know that hard work and persistence does pay off. If you work at something long and hard enough, it’ll happen eventually. Patience and determination is the key to doing anything!