The Netflix service has brought a slew of Marvel superheroes to the smaller screen with their popular shows like "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones," and "Luke Cage." Now, the former showrunner of season one of the man from Hell's Kitchen is looking toward future projects. Based on Steven DeKnight's comments, it sounds like he wants to bring the Moon Knight story to Netflix as the next superhero from the Marvel TV universe.

DeKnight talks 'Moon Knight'

Director Steven DeKnight is among those responsible for setting the bar rather high early on with the Netflix Marvel shows.

His "Daredevil" season one was praised by fans and critics, garnering an impressive 98 percent rating on the Rotten Tomatoes review aggregator website. It not only set the bar high for the future Marvel shows but also had fans wanting more superheroes to have their stories told on the small screen.

That includes Moon Knight, a superhero who made his debut in 1975. Moon Knight is known for having a number of heightened abilities or attributes based on the lunar cycle. In addition, he's got a few skills similar to fellow Netflix heroes, such as being a great detective and pretty good with martial arts.

DeKnight spoke about being a huge fan of Moon Knight.

He said exploring the story of whether the character's powers were all in his head or real would make for a "very, very interesting Marvel universe kind of Netflix show." DeKnight added that he's hoping Netflix will expand their current roster of Marvel superheroes to "give him [Moon Knight] a shot."

Netflix/Marvel plans

Right now, there has been no official word on the potential series.

The show that fans will be watching in June is the second season of Luke Cage to see how that plays out. In this newest season, Misty Knight will have a new, weapon-like arm, and Cage will battle the likes of the Bushmaster, and previous foes like Mariah and "Shades." The "Luke Cage" season 2 episodes officially hit Netflix on June 22.

There are also expectations of a third season for "Daredevil" and "Jessica Jones," and possibly "Iron Fist" to try to salvage its first season. In addition, fans are hoping that maybe there will be a second season for "Punisher" and "The Defenders" to explore more of those stories. As far as all these shows go, none of them have received any official release dates, but "Daredevil" season 3 could come later this year.

With that said, the fact that directors are already looking toward the future to bring a Moon Knight series to life is a great thing.

Hopefully one day this character and the various stories that come along with it will be told on Netflix, which is the perfect platform for that hero's tale to be explored. In addition, Moon Knight could become part of The Defenders to help protect New York from the threats the Avengers miss.