Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine Giudici are doing great. They have two boys at home and are one of the couples from "The Bachelor" who have actually lasted. Now, E! Online is sharing that Sean and Catherine actually are considering adoption in the future. That is a big step for a couple with two kids already.

Sean talks about their full house

Sean and Catherine have a really full house right now with two young boys. Isaiah Hendrix was born last month joining their son who is two named Samuel Thomas. Sean admits that juggling two children hasn't actually been too hard on them so far.

Of course, hopefully, he didn't jinx them after saying that about their sons. He shared that Catherine will take care of Isaiah while he takes Samuel to the park or something to burn off some energy.

He shared that Samuel is doing great as a big brother. When he first met Isaiah they told him to kiss his brother and now he kisses him all day long. Sean and Catherine are really enjoying how their family is right now. He said, "We love being a normal family, doing our normal day jobs at home. We get to do some really fun and exciting stuff like this, but we just like being a normal family. We love our lives in Dallas and so, it's easy for us."

Plans for the future

They do want to add to their family, but it may not end up being in a natural way.

Sean Lowe shared that they actually want to adopt at least one child in the future. Any child would be lucky to be adopted into this family. When it comes to having another child of their own, Sean kinda wants a girl to see what one would like that looks like them, but if they tried again and then also adopted that would be four children.

Of course, that is a lot of kids for the couple.

Sean Lowe's sister actually adopted two daughters, so this is something they know about and that is on their mind. He said, "It's affected us in a great way. And to see how these two girls' lives have been radically altered for the better, so we want to do that, too." It sounds like this is something important to the couple.

Sean and Catherine Lowe seem to be doing great. The fans really enjoy watching this couple's family grow. It will be interesting to see if they have more children or adopt next, but it sounds like adoption is on their mind and what they want to do.

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