A source is now speaking out and saying that Adam Gottschalk and Raven Gates are close to engagement. The couple met on "Bachelor in Paradise" and have been doing great ever since then. Fans are shocked that they haven't actually got engaged yet, but it sounds like it is coming. The couple met last summer, so they have been together for about a year.

Insider shares details about the couple

An insider who doesn't want to be named is sharing how Adam and Raven are doing now. The source said, "Adam and Raven are so happy and super excited to see what happens in Paradise this year.

Things couldn’t be going better for them. They were at a wedding in Arkansas together last weekend and they kept telling friends than an engagement is coming soon. It just seems like the next step because things are going so smoothly."

So far, Adam hasn't popped the question, but proposals are known to happen on "Bachelor in Paradise" which has viewers wondering if this could end up being when it happens. The source even said that it wouldn't be surprising if they get engaged this summer or around the new season of "Bachelor in Paradise." If they wait until the show, they may be able to get them to cover the cost of the ring, which is a nice bonus.

Doing the long-distance thing

Raven and Adam have been doing the long-distance thing and somehow they have been able to make it work.

Raven lives in Memphis and Adam is actually in Dallas. It is being reported that Raven has plans to move to be with him. She does own a clothing store, but she can always just hire someone to handle it for her.

Raven Gates shared a while back that one rule they have in their relationship is to make sure they never go two weeks without seeing each other.

This can't be simple with the long-distance relationship they have going on, but they are somehow able to make it work. Raven just posted five days ago showing that they were spending time together.

It actually looks like "Bachelor in Paradise" has been having better luck with couples than the actual show has been lately. A few great couples like Jade and Tanner Tolbert and Carly Waddell and Evan Bass came out of this show.

Hopefully, they will have just as much success this summer when they help singles from the show try to find love once again.

What do you think of Raven and Adam? Do you feel like these two will end up engaged soon? Don't miss the new season of "Bachelor in Paradise" when it airs this summer on ABC.