The "Avengers: Infinity War" film was yet another smash hit for Marvel Studios. Some film reviewers praised the ability of the cast and crew to bring to life a story which involved so many different characters. There was also praise given for how the villain, Thanos, was portrayed. Another villain has yet to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) named Dr. Doom. Recently, the "Avengers: Infinity War" writers talked about how they might handle the use of the villainous Dr. Doom if they had him available for the MCU.

Dr. Doom in Marvel Comics

One of the most popular and well-known supervillains in Marvel Comics is Dr. Doom. The sinister man with a metal mask was considered one of the top threats for the superteam known as the Fantastic Four, as well as other superheroes. He made his first appearance in the comic books way back in 1962 in "Fantastic Four" Issue No. 5.

His alter ego is Victor Von Doom and he's the son of a Romani witch, according to the comics lore. He's also the ruler of a kingdom, giving him plenty of resources to hatch his evil plans with. Over the years, he's not only terrorized the Earth's Fantastic Four, but also some of the Avengers such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Black Panther.

The latter three heroes have all appeared in several Marvel Studios' films but the Fantastic Four and Dr.

Doom have not, due to property rights issues. The X-Men haven't been part of Marvel's Movies either due to those rights issues. Still, there's some lingering hope that the properties could become Marvel's if a bidding war goes in their favor.

'Infinity War' writers talk Dr. Doom

What if Marvel Studios owned the rights to use Dr.

Doom, though? That interesting question was posed to "Avengers: Infinity War" writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. A fan attending an event hosted by director Kevin Smith posed the question, "Could a Dr. Doom solo film be done right?"

Markus and McFeely both replied with positive sentiments that they feel they could do the villain "justice" with a Marvel Studios movie.

They mentioned that if they did have Dr. Doom to put on the big screen, they would make sure they kept him just like his Marvel Comics version.

Dr. Doom appeared in three other movies, all under Fox. The movies were considered flops by many critics and fans, with the most recent edition being the worst of the three. Markus indicated in his comments that he would do "the thing that they never do which is to stick to the comics." That would mean a big metal helmet for the villain and that he'd also be the king of his own country, just like in the Marvel comic books.

Markus added that he can understand that the previous efforts were to try to make the characters "relatable." However, he said, "You've gotta go put on a cape" in terms of how the character needs to be treated when adapted for films.

He said that to create the comic book character, those responsible for Dr. Doom have to either figure out how to make him become the guy in the cape or "just make him a guy in a cape" to begin with.

That's certainly the truth, as Marvel Studios has mostly been giving fans the versions of their comic book superheroes they want to see. If Disney can win their ongoing bidding war with Comcast to obtain 21st Century Fox property rights, then maybe Dr. Doom could finally get the proper treatment on screen.

There are currently no plans for a Dr. Doom or Fantastic Four on the slate at Fox, although, writer Noah Hawley has written a screenplay for a solo Dr. Doom movie. According to a report from Vulture, that screenplay might be done, but it probably won't be translated to the big screen for a while due to the ongoing bidding war for 21st Century Fox.