When the upcoming DC Comics-based movie "Shazam!" hits theaters next year, fans will see a very specific setting during the film. In addition, the costume they'll see the title superhero wearing in the movie will be a change-up, as the film's director decided it was a necessary fix. Fans of the DC superheroes are hoping that the costume change, film plot, acting, and overall appearance results in a satisfying entry into DC's lineup of films.

'Shazam!' setting details emerge

In a recent report from ComicBook, director David F. Sandberg revealed that this movie will be set during the winter season.

Sandberg mentioned that he wants it to be a "classic superhero movie" and that this particular setting has "a lot of dark exteriors" and also "a lot of colorful lights" in the scenes.

The film is expected to have an even more lighthearted tone compared to the tones of some of the other DC Movies such as "Batman V. Superman" and "Justice League." While it sounds like it will still have some dark imagery, set photos have emerged showing off "wintry landscapes" and of course, Christmas decorations too.

Superhero and comic book movie fans may recall another movie that was set around Christmas time.

The 1992 "Batman Returns" movie directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton also featured plenty of Christmas scenery and dark images on the screen. That wintry setting also gave the perfect set up for the Penguin, a key Batman villain who is based on a bird that lives in a colder climate. It should be interesting to see if "Shazam!" is as comedic as that earlier DC-based film was, or if it is a bit more serious in terms of the overall tone.

Costume changes were needed

Sandberg also spoke about making a change to the costume that the lead superhero will wear in this film. The movie will feature actor Billy Batson in the role of a 14-year-old boy who is granted superpowers by a dying wizard named "Shazam." The boy activates the powers by yelling out the wizard's name and ends up turning into an adult superhero when he does.

Actor Zachary Levi will take on the adult superhero role of Shazam but he won't be wearing a costume like the one seen in the comic books necessarily. Apparently, the original costume that he was wearing just wasn't working out properly. At times, Levi said he couldn't move his hands the right way because of the gauntlets on the sleeves or other aspects of the costume.

In addition, the boots were apparently "falling apart" at one point, according to Cinemablend's comments from Sandberg. Due to those issues, Sandberg said they made "a few iterations" to the superhero suit. He added that it was a "constant process" to make sure they got the look right and that it also allowed for proper movement and on-screen appearance.

Unfortunately, this means that DC Comics and longtime superhero fans won't get to see the original Shazam costume on screen. For now, they'll have to peruse editions of the DC Comic books that have been published, dating back to 1939. "Shazam!" is scheduled to hit the big screen on April 5, 2019 in the United States.