America's Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell rather cryptically stated that “there's something in the air” in reference to the atmosphere and the applicants coming before himself, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum for consideration in the June 5, second week of auditions. It wasn't just the sight of Mel B as a blonde that had Cowell wigged out.

From the very first act, Yumbo Dump, featuring two partners making beautiful and bizarre sounds from one another's bellybuttons, it was clear that this was a night for Season 13’s most unusual acts. Simon Cowell called the rotund duo “one of the stupidest and the funniest” acts he had seen, and his fellow judges agreed that laughing just to laugh was much-needed in these times.

There was a scary performance and others that sounded splendid and spiritual.

Five from the dozen

In typical "America's Got Talent" form, the offering and interpretations of talent by the performers were as diverse and open as the galaxy, These five offerings deserve to be remembered.

Sounds and spins

1. Fratelli Rossi tumblers. Before this Spanish duo came onstage to perform their daring act, the “America's Got Talent” panel and audience had been delighted by the animal impressions of Lilly Wilker, who already took Simon Cowell's heart as “the nicest contestant we've ever had.” Singing couple, Us the Duo, also won hearts with the audiences and three of the judges with their upbeat, loving original song and demeanor.

The tumbling partners were determined to perform a feat known as Icarian Games, where one partner spins in circles over and over on the other’s legs, requiring very precise catches and positioning. One of the brothers was performing for the first time since ACL surgery from a prior fall, so this offering took true courage.

The routine was going well and mesmerizing everyone in the “America's Got Talent,” audience until there was a foot-slip, at one juncture, causing the tumbler to crash hard to the floor.

The judges turned away grimacing, and Mel B pleaded for them not to do the performance again. Before that admonition could finish, the siblings started the routine over, and it was flawless. Their courage and precision floored the judges, who gave them four yeses, and greater salute to their second effort, that “made it even better” according to Simon Cowell.

2. Christina Wells. Christina Wells personified courage in her own way as she walked onto the “America's Got Talent” auditions stage The single mother of two boys was there to be a living example that no one should ever give up on their dreams. She shared an audition experience she endured when she was 19. Her voice blew away the organizers and the other singers. Sadly, she was told that she was “not the right size” since costumes had already been ordered.

This moment of redemption had to be divinely ordered for Christina. She tore into the perfectly-fitting “I Know Where I've Been” from the musical “Hairspray,” and let her deeply soulful tones tell the rest of the story. The 42-year-old hosted a viewing party in her hometown of Houston, and before she could get the judges’ feedback, all of the “America's Got Talent” audience in attendance gave her a roar of approval.

Simon Cowell told her that he had learned that “someone’s size” has nothing to do with whether people will love a song, and it was hard not to think of his harsh words long ago to the astounding Jennifer Hudson and gospel uplifter, Mandisa. Those ladies overcame his slights, and continue to command their own stages. It's nice to see that Simon Cowell has changed, and Mel B could only say “you are beautiful” to Christina. Howie Mandel told Wells that he felt her soul, and Heidi concurred, as she got four nods for moving on in the competition.

Feeling and spirit

3. Da Republik. Simon Cowell seemed to be especially attuned to the spirit all night, because he also asked dance troupe, Da Republik if they personally have been affected by the hurricanes hitting the Dominican Republic, where they are from as “my people,” spoke the group’s leader.

Their strength and resilience echoed in every step and move of their routine, which also featured several high climbs onto one another. Howie Mandel hardly ever enjoys a dance group, and he called this one “brilliance in dance.” Brilliant was also the word Mel B took. Simon Cowell reiterated that their routine proved their practice and passion for their moment, so we will be seeing these high steppers in high places again through the coming weeks. 90 seconds does indeed change lives.

4. Aaron Crow. No one knew what to expect from the mysterious presence of Aaron Crow on the stage. He only responded to Mel B with a sly smile when she asked, “Do you think you're hot?” The daredevil marksman dripped hot candle wax into his own eyes to seal them before bandaging across them and adding a silver mask.

He sliced through a bag of grain held by an audience member before getting to Howie Mandel, who he picked as his “stand” for a pineapple, positioning it on the frightful comedian’s head. Of course, the blindfolded performer pulled out his big sword for Howie's benefit, being able to look at what was about to happen to him. Blindfold and all, he still sliced the fruit and not Howie, and the panel praised him as worthy of performing further.

5. Michael Ketterer. Closing on an unforgettable emotional note is a trademark of “America's Got Talent,” and mental health nurse and adoptive dad, Michael Ketterer, completely engulfed the entire viewing audience in emotion with his performance of the Bee Gees classic, “To Love Somebody.” Anyone without a stone for a heart would find it impossible not to fall in love with this father.

He detailed the difficult backstories for his six children, five of whom are adopted from foster care, who all waited in the wings while he sang. “When you are surviving, you’re not dreaming,” insisted Ketterer, who declared to the panel that he wanted to provide a safe place for his children to dream.

Mel B thanked the worship leader for “gracing the stage.” Howie Mandel praised that he hoped to be “a fraction of the man” that Michael is. Simon Cowell saw the nerves striking the singer so severely that he was worried for him, but he reminded that being “real” makes all the difference in a performance, not technical perfection. It was the judge’s turn to strike something next. Saying “Sometimes, actions speak louder than words,” Cowell pressed his golden buzzer, and this beautifully blended family had their dream moment. “America's Got Talent” Season 13 auditions continue next week.