While the critic's press embargo for "Incredibles 2" is June 11, and no professional film critic that saw the movie at a press screening is allowed to say anything about the movie one way or the other, fans attend these screenings as well. With the press screenings for "Incredibles 2" already underway, many of these fans have taken to social media to give their early opinion of the next Pixar movie, which hits theaters on June 15. The good news for fans of the original who might have reservations about the sequel is that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

'Incredibles 2' critical response

Fans who went to see "Incredibles 2" -- or at least the ones who are posting on Twitter -- seem to love the new Pixar animated movie. Even some critics who are embargoed have taken to Twitter to express their delight. Steven Weintraub, the editor-in-chief of the mega-movie site Collider, said he loved the movie, calling it a "fantastic sequel" and reported that he plans to see it again.

Eric Eisenberg, the events editor at CinemaBlend, has also checked in with his thoughts on the new Pixar movie, saying that it is "a blast." He also reports that the sequel succeeded in building the characters and the world.

Most sequels just repeat what happened before, but it sounds like "Incredibles 2" is taking a more original direction. Eisenberg said he had his doubts but it was funny and action-packed and he said ti will be one of the summer's best Movies.

Film critic Scott Mendelson of Forbes said that he argued for the last 14 years that "The Incredibles" did not need a sequel at all.

However, he seems happy to have the Pixar movie prove him wrong. He said that, after seeing this sequel, he will accept "Incredibles 3" with open arms if the studio wants to make it.

Skyler Shuler of Disney Film Facts wrote that he considers "Incredibles 2" to be the best Pixar movie since "Toy Story 3." He reports that the film takes the great qualities of the first movie and then builds upon it.

He also said that Jack-Jack "steals this whole movie."

'Incredibles 2': The story

"Incredibles 2" starts off where the first movie ended, with the Parr family and Frozone beating Underminer and then being forced back into hiding. However, when a new organization wants to bring the supers back to the public to help fight crime again, Elastigirl is chosen to be the face of the new generation of heroes.

This leaves Mr.

Incredible at home to raise his family and take care of their toddler Jack-Jack, who is developing his new superpowers. Soon, a new threat to the world emerges and the superfamily must team up once again to save the world.

"The Incredibles" officially hits theaters on June 16.