Ben Affleck, the "Batman" star, has denied the news that he is leaving the DC Comic Cinematic Universe in the future. According to the report from Entertainment Tonight, the 44-year old actor has finally spoken out and he added that "Batman" for him is the best part of his entire universe. The actor has indeed shut down the rumors during the recent San Diego Comic Con for the "Justice League" panel.

He also made it clear that he has been one lucky guy for having been part of the "Batman" or as Bruce Wayne. Hence, he does not see any reasons for him to leave the show or the DC Comic family.

In fact, the actor also added that he is even more thrilled to do it all over again. As he continued his statement, the actor has finally slammed down the rumors which surfaced online recently.

Misconception about the show

Affleck, the 44-year old actor, has also believed that a misconception might have happened which lead to the news that he is leaving the show. He added that despite the fact that he is no longer directing the film, he will always be a great part of the DC Comic Cinematic Universe. Further, he also revealed that Kevin Tsujihara has told him that they wanted him to be the "Batman." However, he believed that Matt Reeves is already doing it well.

Nevertheless, despite the rumors, Affleck will always consider that "Batman" is an incredible movie.

Apparently, it is something that has made him a lot excited and blown away. Time and again, the actor also shared that he will always be excited to play such role whenever time permits him to do so.

Cast shot

In line with the recent Comic Con in San Diego, Gal Gadot, the "Wonder Woman" actress, has also shared some of their cast shots on Instagram together with Affleck, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher.

Meanwhile, a lot has become more excited when a new trailer for "Wonder Woman 2" has finally been confirmed during the comic con. On the other hand, a new poster for the upcoming "Justice League" was also revealed during that day.

Following the recent San Diego comic con, Gal Gadot has also shared more videos of what took place during the event.

Meanwhile, it was further reported that "Justice League," which will also star Affleck, is slated to be released on November 17 this year. Hence, it is one of the most incredible movies that fans should look forward for Affleck and the rest of the cast members. Meanwhile, as Affleck turns 45-year old by August, Warner Bros. also believed that he would be pushing near 50 before the next "Batman" arrives on the big screen.