Earlier this year, Zack Snyder lost his daughter and eventually decided his family needed him more than the movie he was currently making needed him. That movie was the DC Comics film “Justice League” and the studio hired “Avengers” director joss whedon was brought in to finish it. At the San Diego Comic-Con, DC Comics released a brand-new trailer for “Justice League” and people believed that it looked different and fresher than other DC Comics films. While original reports indicate that Whedon was just going to do small things to finish Snyder’s movie, it turns out that there have been some extensive reshoots since Joss took over.

Zack Snyder complaints

There have been a lot of fans complaining about Zack Snyder’s direction of the DC Comics movie world, which includes the two movies he directed in “Man of Steel” and “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.” The complaints were that the movies were too dark and gloomy and were not as “fun” as the Marvel Comics movies. With that said, many other fans loved the movies and enjoyed the fact that they were a change in look.

However, “Suicide Squad” had a lot more humor than both of Snyder’s movies and then “Wonder Woman” made everything before it pales in comparison. “Wonder Woman” had heart and that was something people said lacked in the portrayals of Superman and Batman in the Zack Snyder movies.

With Joss Whedon now in charge of finishing “Justice League,” fans wonder if he can bring the same quality to this movie as he did his billion-dollar “Avengers” films.

The ‘Justice League’ reshoots

Variety reported that there were extensive reshoots needed for “Justice League,” which comes out later this year, and they took place over two months between London and Los Angeles.

Warner Bros. might not be too happy about it because they cost an estimated $25 million to finish. The site reports that it normally costs a movie between $6 million and $10 million for reshoots after initial filming ends.

Ezra Miller (Flash) was involved in the shooting of the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” sequel, and since both movies are by Warner Bros., he was easy to slip in.

However, Henry Cavill (Superman) is making “Mission: Impossible 6” right now and he has a mustache for that movie. Of course, Superman has no mustache and Cavill is not allowed to shave contractually while shooting “MI:6.”

There is also the interesting news that the two months of reshoots and filming means that there might be co-director credit on “Justice League.” Originally, Joss Whedon was just coming in to help finish it and Zack Snyder would be the director. However, with all the reshoots, the rules in the Director’s Guild might force the addition of a co-director. Variety claims that it won’t happen but it isn’t up to the directors or to the movie producers.

Justice League” hits theaters on Nov. 17 and will see Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash. Cyborg and Aquaman team up to battle Steppenwolf and will also feature the return of Superman.