On Monday night, the fans got to meet "Grocery Store Joe" and nobody could understand why Becca Kufrin didn't keep him around. They feel like she missed out by letting him go home. Now, everyone wants to know if he will join "Bachelor in Paradise" and Bustle is sharing an update. It does look possible.

Joe Amabile hints at more television

Joe Amabile of "Bachelor in Paradise" is already hinting that there could be more television in his future. He talked to "Entertainment Tonight" and wasn't afraid to admit that he might be joining "Bachelor in Paradise." Chris Harrison even hinted about it.

Chris went to Twitter and said, "Maybe a quick stop in Paradise first #GroceryStoreJoe." This was a response to a fan who thought that they should put Joe on the show.

Then Joe was asked about doing the show by Entertainment Tonight and said, "I can not confirm on Paradise, but I would go, yes." It sounds like if they asked him he would be all for it and it would be surprising to anyone if they didn't ask him to do the show. Chris made it pretty clear that they are at least interested in him and if Joe wants to do it you can expect to see him there, but for now, we have to wait for it to be confirmed for sure.

Is Joe single?

Another thing that Joe recently confirmed is that he is single. He is 32 and ready to settle down.

That means that "Bachelor in Paradise" could be perfect for him. A lot of couples have actually come out of that show, so maybe Joe will be one of the lucky ones who finds love on "Bachelor in Paradise." He also said that if Becca didn't feel a connection with him right away, he would rather go home quick then stick around.

He got pretty nervous when it was time to talk to her. Things didn't work out for Becca and Joe, but he really did impress the fans in just that one episode.

They haven't announced the cast of "BIP" yet, but it should happen before long. They may wait until Becca's season is done airing or go ahead and announce some and let everyone wait on the others until her season is done airing since it could give away spoilers.

They have done it that way in the past, so, for now, fans just have to wait and see what ABC decides to do. You know that spoilers will start to come out too.

Fans would love to see "Grocery Store Joe" on the new season of "Bachelor in Paradise." This new season will air this summer on ABC. It has already been confirmed that this show is coming back, but nobody knows if "Bachelor Winter Games" will return or not yet.