Tonight on "The Bachelorette" it is time for Becca Kufrin's first one on one date and Blake is the one who gets to go on it. Life and Style shared some details about Blake before the date. Blake Horstmann was seen wearing a red jacket on night one and it looks like he won over Becca with it.

When they have their one on one date, he will end up getting a rose and Blake is going to stick around past tonight. It sounds like he will be around a while. Not many guys get a one on one date this early on so that shows that she is interested in him and wants to get to know more about him.

More about Blake

Blake Horstmann is from Bailey, Colorado and he works as a sales representative. Blake is an athlete and was in college and high school both. He also happens to be a swing dancer, which is a talent not many people probably have. He was born and raised in Colorado. That will probably be where they go on his hometown date if he ends up making it that far.

His Instagram shows that he likes to do a lot of things and one thing he posts about a lot is his dog. Blake is also into golf and shares a lot about it. It sounds like likes to stay active and also enjoy a cold beer now and then. Becca and Blake do sound like they could be pretty good together, but only time will tell if that is the case or not.

If you remember, Blake he showed up on the After the Final Rose last season and he got to meet Becca that time. This gave him a bit of a jump on the competition. She only got to meet five guys before the show actually started, so this was something that may have helped Blake out a little bit.

How does he do?

It does turn out that Blake Horstmann is one to watch this season.

He will be around for a while and the viewers are going to get to know him. Without giving away the entire season, Blake will be around till at least the final four and maybe longer, so keep your eye on this one.

If he doesn't end up winning the entire season, it is very possible that he could be one of the guys that ends up on "Bachelor in Paradise." They normally like to pick some of the guys that make it pretty far on the season and he is one of those.

Maybe if he doesn't find love with Becca then he will be able to find it that way instead. The fans would enjoy another great "Bachelor in Paradise" love story.

Don't miss watching Becca Kufrin on Monday nights on ABC as "The Bachelorette." Hopefully, she is able to find a lasting love this time around. Becca already spoiled that she is engaged so now fans just have to wait and see how it all plays out it the end.