Time flies for Scotty McCreery. For many fans who have followed his Country Music career, it doesn't seem like nearly a decade since his tenth season win on “American Idol,” where his deep baritone had Jennifer Lopez swooning and discovering a love for a new musical genre. Scotty McCreery didn’t need to be molded into a star. He was always a star in the making who never made efforts to change his easy-going North Carolina nature. Even as a teenager, Scotty McCreery wanted to be real, and keep the focus of his life and his music real and relatable.

Amid the waves of Scotty McCreery's “Idol” surge, the tabloids and the teen press continually tried to tout new romances for the singer, but he had already met the girl of his dreams. The “I Love You This Big” singer and Gabi Dugal first met in kindergarten, and have kept close ever since. The couple has common roots for rural life and the love of the mountains, and on June 16, they exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony, as reported in Taste of Country, People, and a variety of other sources on June 23. The pair is enjoying some relaxing time on their honeymoon in Tahiti and Bora Bora, and Scotty McCreery is making time to share his wedded bliss and the island beauty on social media.

Lush green and lace

Gabi looks radiant and Scotty seems as peaceful as can be in one of the wedding portraits shared by People. The gown was designed by Morilee and captures the beauty and simplicity that accentuated the ceremony. Posed upon a rock against a backdrop of vivid mountain greenery, it's not hard to envision that the two might have sat on the same stone as teenagers, dreaming of their special day.

Gabi wanted to embrace the “rustic” feel throughout the wedding setting. Her bouquet was “white flowers with some greenery,” including a purple bloom of wildflowers peeking out. Only 200 of the couple’s family and friends attended the wedding, held in the venue that the bride describes as “a little castle in the woods.”

Duty and deserved time away

Despite not making the wedding ceremony a huge affair, Scotty McCreery was fully engaged as a groom to give his intended the wedding of her dreams.

Blasting News reported in February, Scotty described keeping his personal wedding planner, that he bought from Target, handy. He noted all of his responsibilities in red, while Gabi had the most duties, highlighted in blue. One very special person was never neglected, with Scotty choosing his father, Michael, as best man. The officiating pastor has known McCreery since his youth.

Scotty McCreery has experienced one of the busiest and the best years of his career with the success of his “Season’s Change” album and its life-affirming hitFive More Minutes.” The dedicated, deep-voiced performer has been touring extensively, but a honeymoon was a perfect reason to take time away, and Scotty has been sharing his sight-seeing, with his bride, through all the tropical locales.

Mrs. McCreery balances hectic schedules as a nurse at Duke Hospital.

The song and video for the song “This Is It” was dedicated to Gabi. The two have been officially dating for over six years, but Scotty did not want to divulge the seriousness of their relationship until she was comfortable with making it public. The lovely scenes portray places where the lovebirds first met, and McCreery hopes that fans will feel lessons in lasting love from the other couples featured, as well. Many fans have expressed congratulations and being moved to tears of joy.

From America falling in love with him, to falling in love with his soulmate, Scotty McCreery has come a long way, and clearly feels ready for all that life holds for himself and his bride.