Scotty McCreery won’t even turn 25 until October, yet it seems that the young artist with the unforgettable baritone has already lived lifetimes in the limelight. For those “of a certain age,” it seems like it was just a blink ago that Scotty McCreery sent Jennifer Lopez swooning with his voice, far beyond his years, and his already-crafted stage style of holding his “sideways microphone” on the tenth “American Idol” season.

As any of the original TV talent competition’s contenders can attest, the sudden massive exposure is both a blessing and a curse.

Anyone dreaming that a career comes instantly after “American Idol” is deceived or delusional. What truly happens is years of honing talent as an artist is condensed into just weeks that become more and more brutal. Scotty McCreery stayed true to his North Carolina roots and his authentic, polite manner as he plowed through to taking the title.

Naturally, the great singing wasn't enough for the ever-hungry media spotlight or the public, who repeatedly put Scotty McCreery and competition mate, Lauren Alaina, together in romance. The two share a definite bond of friendly love and respect but were never intimately involved. Lauren Alaina courageously confronted her personal battle with an eating disorder, sparked by the media glare and expectation.

She has utilized her journey to inspire others in songs like “The Road Less Traveled,” the title track from her 2017 album.

Last year was life-changing for Scotty McCreery in many ways, too. The song “Five More Minutes” had been a fixture in the star’s setlist for months, but became deeply resonant for fans after a few live performances got shared on social media.

The song that celebrates making the most of life and love while there’s time sparked a surge of success for Scotty McCreery. He's about to release his third album, “Seasons Change” on March 16. Between booking tour dates and making the most of the buzz for his hit songs and album, Scotty McCreery is making enough room in his busy schedule to walk down the aisle and become a husband.

No time like now

The famous broad smile is still there, but even the cover shot for “Seasons Change” shows a different Scotty McCreery than his earlier albums. This is a man now, one who has done some living and had some momentous highs, but also felt the lows (like being cut from his label after “Southern Belle” in 2015). Scotty McCreery knows what it is to crawl his way back up, and never lose gratitude for fans and audiences who love his music.

The latest single release from “Seasons Change” is “In Between.” The bright, sing-along ballad defines a man at ease in his own skin, who knows “I ain't holy water and I ain't all Jim Beam.”

Ready for lifetime love

One line of “In Between” insists: “I’m not a one night stand, but I ain’t ready for a ring on my hand.” The handsome crooner has made the decision to be a taken man.

Scotty McCreery introduced his fiancée, Gabi Dugal, to the world at the 2017 CMA Awards. While the couple's devotion is certainly clear, finding time between their two demanding careers to handle wedding details is difficult.

Currently hot country star of the moment or not, Scotty McCreery is a team player with his future bride, who is a nurse at Duke Hospital. Scotty declares that “most of the big things are set” apart from the wedding cake. The husband-to-be even bought a planner from Target, and described having a color-coded system for keeping duties straight. His are in red, hers are in blue, and everything else is nondescript black. The lovebirds expect around 230 at the wedding, which of course will be a moment to linger in their memories, like the other forever ones mentioned in “Five More Minutes.”

Despite the barrage of things to do, it's a great time to be Scotty McCreery.