Robert Redford will be appearing in his last film, "The Old Man and the Gun," Screencrush reported. The official trailer for the movie was released on YouTube this week (June 5). Redford has paired up again with director David Lowery, the genius behind last year's independent film success, "A Ghost Story."

Back in 2016, Redford worked with Lowery for the first time on a Disney film called "Pete's Dragon." One thing is for sure, this collaboration will be a very different type of story. The movie will tell the mostly true story of an older man who has no respect for the law, but still shows a soft and respectable side when it comes to dealing with people, KWTX noted.

Redford has had a brilliant career as an actor, director, and producer; and the leading role of a colorful character could be a great way for him to end it.

Official trailer gives us a feel of the film's pace

The official trailer for "The Old Man and the Gun" gives us a strong indication that this film, like most of Lowery's work, will move somewhat slowly, having a rhythm to it that is both exciting and pleasant. It does however tell the story of conflicting stereotypes, both within the character, and within the film's style and theme.

It reflects the true life story of a man 70-year-old man named Forrest Tucker, who breaks out of prison and then proceeds to go on a crime spree across the United States, according to Fox Searchlight's YouTube channel.

In doing so, he becomes somewhat famous through the media's coverage of his robberies.

Apart from Redman, the film also stars famous songwriter and musician, Tom Waits, well-known actor Danny Glover, Sissy Spacek, who plays Tucker's love interest, and Casey Affleck, who plays the detective driven by an obsession to take down Tucker.

Redford's last film

This crime drama will not only give us a fresh look at a criminal mind but will also mark the end of Redford's long and brilliant career. He began on television in the early 1960's, and made his film debut in a movie called "War Hunt" in 1962. He became a big star in 1969 when he co-starred alongside Paul Newman in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," and since then he has acted in numerous successful films.

He started his career as a director in 1980, with a film called "Ordinary People," which received four Oscars, including best-picture and best-director. For fans it will be a bummer to see him do his last picture, however, some may think it's best for a world-class actor to leave the game while he is ahead. Redford said two years ago that he would be retiring from acting to focus on directing, AP Archives on YouTube revealed.