Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, both masters of horror, will be kicking off their summer tour "Twins of Evil: The Second Coming" on July 11, at the DTE Energy Music Center in Clarkston, Michigan. Both artists are coming off of new albums recently, Manson's 2017 release, "Heaven Upside Down," and Zombie's 2016 record "The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration." This tour will start on July 11 in Detroit, and end on August 29 at the Irvine Five-Point Amphitheater, in California, covering a total of 29 cities in the United States.

This is 'The Second Coming'

This is not the first time these two musicians have toured together, in fact, the original "Twins of Evil" tour consisted of two legs, playing shows in the United States for the first half, and then finishing up in Europe. Starting in late September of of 2012, both Manson and Zombie were once again coming off of recent albums. Rob Zombie had released "Hellbilly Deluxe 2" back in 2010 and was fresh off of his world tour just 4 months before pairing up with Manson, who was in the middle of his "Hey Cruel World" tour for his recent album "Born Villain" that year. However, Manson still wanted to tour with Zombie so the two joined up, and it was set.

Second time's the charm

Early on in the original tour back in 2012, problems started to occur between Manson and Zombie, having to do with set time being cut short. What first was just a social media stab from Manson, turned into the two publicly calling each other out during their sets in front of a mixed fan base. The issue really escalated while the tour was in Detroit at the DTE Energy Music Center, which will be the starting venue for this year's tour.

In a video of the two, after Zombie announces the first show in Detroit, he follows by saying, "What could go wrong? Nothing." Manson then follows by saying with a smile, "I got priors." Zombie ends it by saying,"I'm in a good space."

It's clear that the two have worked out their disagreements, and are looking forward to touring together once again.

While both artists share a very specific spectrum of entertainment, they both bring to the stage a very unique quality and sound. As far as performance goes, it doesn't get much better than this. Zombie's experience as a musician, filmmaker, and actor makes for a great live performance, and Manson has also been involved in film, debuting in David Lynch's "Lost Highway" back in 1997. They are two masters of their art, and together they put on a show for anyone interested in diving into the strange, dark world they have created.