Anthony Bourdain is dead at 61. The CNN award-winning star's death was a shock to most people on Friday morning when the network released the news. His popular show "Parts Unknown" took Bourdain to all corners of the Earth exploring the culinary delights from people of different cultures all over the globe.

Earlier reports did not indicate how Bourdain died, but it was revealed later in the morning that he committed suicide by hanging, according to the Business Insider.

Suicide was the first report by CNN

When his death was first reported it was known that he died by his own hand, as CNN did reveal his death was a suicide.

According to CNN, Bourdain's close friend, who is the French chef, Eric Ripert, found Bourdain in his hotel room unresponsive early on Friday morning.

"Fox & Friends" today, Friday morning has been covering the suicide death of Bourdain throughout their live broadcast today. He leaves a young daughter behind, according to Fox.

Bourdain offered unique perspectives

Bourdain had many skills that made his show a television destination for many at home. CNN describes the star as someone who "explored the human condition" and while doing so, he offered a unique outlook on food, travel, and people in general.

Along with traveling the globe to find those delectable delights, Bourdain advocated for the "marginalized populations" as well as being a champion for safe working conditions for the restaurant staff he happened upon worldwide.

Bourdain's season 11

The industry has awarded Bourdain just about every award they offer, including the Peabody Award, which he received back in 2013 for his work on "Parts Unknown." His mix of curiosity, blunt honesty and humor worked well together, making him a popular TV host.

Bourdain's show aired the start of its eleventh season last month on CNN.

This is the second celebrity death from a suicide making headlines this week with the shocking news of Kate Spade, 55, the world-known fashion designer taking her own life in New York City. Kate allegedly hung herself with a scarf from a doorknob in her home, reports CNN.

People Magazine has reported that a Strasbourg police spokesperson has confirmed Bourdain's suicide death. Later in the morning, it was reported that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide by hanging in his hotel room, according to the Business Insider.

Second celebrity suicide this week

According to the Chicago Tribune today, Kate Spade's suicide started a conversation about suicide this week.

The warning signs are often seen in hindsight. Kate's longtime friend, Elyuce Arons, said that she discussed celebrity suicides with Kate in the past along with Kate's own depression.

Arons said Kate had commented in the past that she would never do that and Arons truly believed her friend. Arons said, "But I believe we are all just a few life events away from considering it. So for me, we’re all on that continuum.

What made Kate change her view after vowing to never take her own life when talking about her own depression is not known, which sadly is often the case when it comes to many who take their own life. As Aron's suggested, it may just be a few life events piling up that brings that person, who no one thought would ever take their own life, to the point of doing so.

Suicide is on the rise in the nation. In the two decades ending in 2016, suicide rates are up by 25 percent in this country, with 25 states seeing a rise of 30 percent in the same time frame. There is help for anyone contemplating taking their own life. Authorities urge anyone considering taking their own life to call to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 where help is waiting.