LeBron James might end his tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer. If the Cavs lose to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, there is a chance that LeBron chooses to leave the franchise for the second time in his career for greener pastures elsewhere. However, there is at least one NBA legend who thinks that might be a bad idea. When talking to the New York Times, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant said that he feels that the best fit for LeBron in the future is by staying with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kobe Bryant talks LeBron James

It makes sense that someone like Kobe Bryant would believe that it helps to stay with the same team. Bryant spent his entire Hall of Fame career with the Los Angeles Lakers and had two separate runs for NBA titles with two very different Lakers' teams. LeBron has made it to the NBA Finals eight years in a row and Bryant feels things are best for him in Cleveland.

Kobe Bryant said that LeBron James will make a home wherever he goes. However, Kobe also said that things will develop quicker for LeBron in Cleveland.

Kobe pointed out that he has played alongside Jordan Clarkson and that he is a great young star. He also said that people are down on Rodney Hood, but that guard was a 17-point player in Utah and is better than people are giving him credit for.

Add in Kevin Love, a former Olympian, and even Kyle Korver, Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith, and Bryant said the Cavaliers are a championship team with LeBron James.

When talking about their struggles this season, Kobe Bryant said no one can expect them to fire on all cylinders when they were put together in the middle of this season.

Bryant even said that head coach Tyron Lue has done the best he cane with the situation in Cleveland.

LeBron can win anywhere

While Kobe Bryant said that LeBron James can fit in better with the Cleveland Cavaliers this season than anywhere else, that does not mean he won't win somewhere else. Bryant said that people wondered if Kevin Durant would be a perfect fit with the Golden State Warriors and that question seems silly now.

Bryant said that people wondered if Chris Paul would be a good fit with the Houston Rockets, and that question was answered easily. With that in mind, a great player can make their home anywhere that they go.

LeBron James proved that. He went to four NBA Finals in four seasons with the Miami Heat. He has gone to four in a row with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kobe Bryant feels that he could do a fifth next season in Cleveland, but there is a chance he wins no matter where he plays.