Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, did so much more than promote her new book during her recent interview with the UK's media giant, the Guardian. Chelsea told the British newspaper that Trump is "degrading" the American people, which was discussed on Monday's "Fox & Friends" show (May 28).

Suggests not to welcome Trump

Chelsea went as far as suggesting that when Trump visits the UK that a "good old-fashioned" protest might be called for, reports Slate. She also claimed that many of the people appointed to Trump's White House are not qualified for the jobs they've been given.

The daughter of the woman whose ill-fated campaign made history also implied that Trump's administration is creating a platform for corruption and incompetence.

Cruelty and incompetence are the words of the day

The only child of Hillary and Bill Clinton told the interviewer that when it comes to Trump and his staff she has concerns. Chelsea said: "So for me, the larger question is the collision of cruelty and incompetence and corruption that we see across the administration."

'Degrade brown children?'

Chelsea said in the interview that "children are citing the president as they’re demeaning a little girl, or they’re chanting ‘Build a wall" in an attempt to demean and degrade brown children.” It was when Chelsea was asked what the folks in the UK should do when Trump arrives for his visit in July that she offered up the idea of "protests."

Nothing worse than whining women

"Fox & Friends" brought up the point that Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea are not living up to their self-reported standards as strong women.

They seem to be perpetuating the stereotypes of women having the tendency to whine as they continue to mull over and over again, the 2016 election loss.

It seems that one of the guests on Monday's "Fox and Friends" show sees Hillary and Chelsea priding themselves on being strong and independent women. You can see the "Fox & Friends" segment on Chelsea's words about the president below.

Chelsea was very forthcoming with sharing her thoughts on how Trump is degrading what it means to be an American, according to Slate. She told the people across the pond that Trump and his team have not only "mainstreamed hate," but "mainlined it" as well. Both Hillary and her daughter have not made it a secret in the past that they are not fans of Donald Trump.

Two camps on Chelsea's comments

While there are two camps commenting on Chelsea's interview on Twitter, many of the tweets are not offering praise for her thoughts. Famous names were among the comments seen on Twitter about Chelsea's recent bashing of President Trump. Below is a tweet from the actor James Woods, who is well-known as a Trump supporter.

With Chelsea's interview becoming viral news over the Memorial Day weekend, this struck a chord with some commenters online. You can see this mentioned in the tweet below.

Others couldn't get over Chelsea actually voicing these disparaging remarks about America's president while being interviewed by a media site from another country. With that said, there were also people who chimed in and agreed with Chelsea, like the tweet seen below.

According to Fox News, Chelsea remains "focused" on getting Democrats back into office, but she also believes there is a lot of damage to repair caused by this administration.