“The Young and the Restless” has undergone a lot of changes the past year. Now, they’re undergoing a bigger one, which includes the departure of one of their popular actresses. Mishael Morgan, who plays Hilary Curtis is leaving the show. The announcement has caused a shock with viewers along with speculation on what’s going to happen to her character.

Hilary's history

Mishael Morgan joined “The Young and the Restless” in June 2013 as Hilary Curtis. As soon as Hilary appeared onscreen, she caused trouble for The Winters clan. Hilary’s motive for coming to Genoa City was to get revenge on Neil, who she blamed for her mother’s death.

However, over time Hilary gives up her scheme and eventually seeks forgiveness from Neil.

Hilary soon finds herself in a romantic relationship with Neil, and the two marry despite protests from his children Lily and Devon. Yet, their marriage is shattered when she begins an affair with Neil’s son Devon. Upon discovering their infidelity, Neil plots revenge. After Devon and Hilary marry, Neil follows them on their honeymoon, where he injures her in a fall. Neil then kidnaps Hilary and seeks medical treatment for her.

When Hilary awakes from her coma, she has amnesia and believes she still married to Neil, not Devon. Hilary eventually regains her memory and reunites with Devon. She also decides to keep quiet about Neil’s involvement in her accident.

But Hilary and Devon’s reunion is short-lived as problems ensue for the couple. Their problems were due mostly to her lies and manipulations. The couple separate and date other people, but eventually they find their way back to each other. When Hilary decides she wants to have a baby, she enlists Devon’s help in making her dream of motherhood come true.

After learning that she’s pregnant, she moves in with Devon, and the couple takes steps toward reconciliation.

What's next for Hilary?

While Mishel’s exit is shocking, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. She’s considered one of the show’s best actresses and received a Daytime Emmy nomination for her work. So it’s understandable if Morgan wanted to leave the show and pursue other interests.

But what’s going to happen to her character. Devon and Hilary are one of the show’s popular couples. Affectionately called Hevon, the couple has garnered a huge fanbase. With Hilary’s future up in the air, fans are wondering how they’ll write out her exit or if the role will be recast. Plus, how does this affect Devon and The Winters in the long run, since their storylines are mainly centered on her.