MTV recently launched a new production studio, simply named MTV Studios. As part of this new endeavor, MTV plans to produce revivals of popular - and cult-classic - shows of its past. Among the shows returning are "Daria," the animated series "Aeon Flux," and the unscripted show "Made."

MTV Studios

With the creation of MTV Studios, the long-running network has the chance to make use of its extensive library. MTV has long-been creating original programming that audiences love, so it makes sense for the company to want to bring them back with a new twist.

For instance, MTV stopped producing new episodes of "Daria" in 2002. A lot has changed in the world since then, and Daria and friends likely have much to say about the state of the United States.

Since MTV recently suspended one of their more popular television shows, "Catfish," following harassment allegations against its co-host Nev Schulman, the network needs fresh, new programming to potentially take its place. At the same time, however, it could use some content that serves as a safety net, like the shows MTV Studios plans to create and revive.

The classics

According to Variety, MTV will revive four former shows. These programs span from 1990s cartoons to Reality TV. Most of the titles will sound familiar to MTV fans, while others sound less like a revival and more like a sequel.

In the late 1990s, "Daria" and its eponymous, stoic character, were the epitome of teenage angst in the grunge era. The animated series featured the unpopular and book smart Daria, as she navigated the treacherous world of high school and actively fought against the status quo, something her popular sister Quinn often aimed to maintain.

Its revival, currently titled "Daria & Jodie," will focus on the two women “tak[ing] on the world, with their signature satirical voice while deconstructing popular culture, social classes, gender and race.” Grace Edwards, known for her work on "Inside Amy Schumer" and "Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt," will write the series.

"Aeon Flux," considered a “cult anime classic” for the network, will also see a revival.

The animated show will follow the sci-fi genre. It is set to be executive produced by "Teen Wolf" creator Jeff Davis and Gale Anne Hurd of "The Walking Dead" fame.

Additionally, reality shows "The Real World" and "Made" will return to MTV. "The Real World" essentially invented reality TV as we know it. On the other hand, "Made" became popular for its drastic makeovers. Noted by Jezebel, it is unclear how "The Real World" really counts as a revival, however, as new episodes were still airing a year ago.

New titles

MTV Studios is not just relying on the classics, of course. Necessary to the new studio is fresh content, which MTV will provide. Two new reality TV shows are also currently in the works

"The Valley" is a throwback to classic MTV reality shows like "The Hills." The series follows a group of adults in their 20s living in the valley of Nogales, Arizona, a border town.

The group of childhood friends will explore what it means to be on the border of two countries. Meanwhile, "MTV’s Straight Up Ghosted" is the perfect show for the 21st century. This series will focus on the stories of real people who “ghosted” others via digital communications. It hopes to unlock the truth of the question, “Why did you leave me?”