Lindsay Lohan, now 31, is a long way from Los Angeles, living a seemingly more settled and subdued life in Dubai these days. She put her party days away and wants the words banished from people’s descriptions when referencing her, according to the actress and reports by Entertainment Tonight and Times of India.

During her life in L.A., she claims, she was not even a “party girl.” People had her all wrong, she said. The reports and rumors of extreme partying days were “all lies.” In fact, Lindsay told Entertainment Tonight (ET) that it was the hyperbole about her having a party on the mind all the time that motivated her to branch from acting and launch a club in Greece.

She elaborated on her rationale for opening a nightclub. The rumors, which she asserts were embellished, were the broadest misconception about her. Lindsay embraced the rumors that had spread, turning them into a moneymaker, a nightclub that she “never” visits, at least not for any party purpose that people may want to believe.

Living in Dubai provides Lindsay much-desired privacy

Lindsay has lived in the Middle East for a few years, Fox News relayed. She reportedly has a feeling of peace and can savor privacy when she wants in Dubai. The need to be in public in Dubai is not as it was for her in L.A.

The demand to be visible and publicly vocal is absent, which frees her to focus more on areas of work and her life that she chooses.

Lindsay’s desire for privacy provided the motivation for moving so far from her family in the US.

In addition to owning the nightclub in Greece, Lindsay sounds as if she also owns more of her time, with more control over the endeavors she has decided. Without having “the fixation” on what she does all the time,“ she is able to accomplish more, Fox noted.

It does seem, though, that she leans toward being a workaholic. “I work all the time; my mind never stops,” she stated.

The Middle East offers former child star a ‘fresh start’ as an adult

While she has given herself what she calls a “fresh start” in Dubai, gossip still travels thousands of miles and reaches the former child star.

An example Lindsay cited entailed an e-mail from the United States. A person mentioned hearing that Lindsay “got married in Dubai,” which is not true and news to her, Fox reported. She joked in reply,“Who’s the lucky guy?”

She talked with ET, impressing that she does love the US, but she also relishes privacy. Though thousands of miles from the glitz, glamour, and cameras in L.A., Lindsay has still been working. In fact, she is the spokesperson for, which tweeted to her on May 25, “Ordering your Employee of the Month plaque as we speak.”

Lindsay is the “Emirates Woman” featured cover story right now.

The photos of her are breathtaking. The story is entitled, “How Lindsay Lohan found her peace in the Middle East.” She discusses an upcoming film, “Confinement,” holding her attention, as well as additional projects, such as a makeup line.

Of all of the career moves and other choices in her life, moving to Dubai might turn out to be Lindsay’s best decision of all.

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