In the previous episode we experienced the reunion of Clarke and Madi, the escape of Murphy who brought unsettling news to Wonkru, the failure of the planned attack on the valley, and the wounding of Octavia. We also learn that Charmaine’s crew may not be as unified as we originally thought. It turns out that Shaw was actually the one that was blocking the use of the missiles that would have destroyed Wonkru and he was involved in the escape of Murphy. Raven’s status is uncertain.

Octavia struggles to stay in control on 'The 100'

From the very first moments that Bellamy and Clarke entered the bunker and witnessed the fighting arena, they knew that Octavia had fundamentally changed.

She was, up until that point, the uncontested leader of Wonkru. She still is, but the events surrounding her are making her leadership increasingly precarious by the minute. The planned invasion of the valley ended before it started, and Octavia was weakened by physical wounds from the sand creature. Bellamy is openly questioning Octavia’s decisions in front of her people, and he is also defending his love interest, Echo, who Octavia has sworn to kill. Charmaine’s crew has eyes on them from their spaceship at all times, so Wonkru is stuck in the wilderness.

Then there are potential threats that Octavia cannot see yet. There is a true Knightblood in their midst, Madi, that could be elevated as the rightful leader if exposed.

Clarke, of course knows this, and knows the danger that it puts Madi in. She is trying to keep the Knightblood secret, saying that she saved Madi by injecting her with her marrow.

Kane is working to sow discourse within Wonkru by convincing Charmaine that farmers and engineers are needed, so she sends them food and a message telling them to give up on Wonkru and live with Charmaine’s crew in the valley.

Does Kane really believe that this will save Wonkru? It works for some of her people and Octavia now must figure out who the traitors are that need to be killed.

Bellamy plans to save Echo

One of the biggest obstacles to Octavia being able to get her attack plans against Charmaine off the ground is the fact that Charmaine has her “eye in the sky” always watching them.

Monty thinks that he can disable the eye but would need to get a device to Raven, who is being held by Charmaine.

Bellamy uses that fact to come up with a plan to use the would-be defectors and save Echo at the same time. He tells Octavia to let them defect along with Echo who will then be able to get Monty’s device to Raven. Octavia agrees, but as the defectors are heading to Charmaine’s ship to be picked up, she has most of them shot as they are running to the ship. Bellamy is furious, but Octavia simply tells him that it will make the defection plan more believable.

Meanwhile, Emori figures out how to get the tracking collar off Murphy, and they also lure some of Charmaine’s crew, including McCreary, to come looking for him.

They set a makeshift bomb trap, and all are killed except a wounded McCreary, who Murphy and Emori take hostage.

Clarke, in her efforts to protect Madi, tells her they will also defect to the valley, which upsets Madi who then disappears. When Clarke tracks her down, she is with Octavia. She has told Octavia that she is a Knightblood and has no interest in taking her leadership position away. Octavia decides to take Madi under her tutelage, and as a scared Clarke looks on, Octavia tells Madi that her training starts tomorrow. Maybe Clarke shouldn’t have told Madi all of those exciting Octavia stories after all.