Amy Duggar King has a great marriage with her husband Dillon, but they have been through their issues over the years. The couple actually went on "Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp" together. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that Amy admits that at one point she was afraid that her marriage would end in divorce. Luckily, that hasn't been the case and they are still going strong.

Amy reveals problems

Amy Duggar King spoke out to Radar Online and shared that she has had a few problems in her marriage. Some of this was seen on reality television. She said, "After my mom and dad’s divorce, I was so scared.

Dillon and I would argue. I thought, oh my gosh, we’re going to get divorced." All couples argue and it just happens from time to time. Amy had to realize that this is normal in a marriage. Starting to get used to living with someone and being with them all the time can be difficult for anyone.

Amy went on to explain a few more details and said, "Communication is one of those things where it just takes time to learn each other. We thought we could just do it on our own. Dillon didn’t know where I was coming from." It sounds like this didn't cause problems, though. They were able to work through their issues.

How are the couple now?

Amy and Dillon King are doing great now and there is no reason to worry about them getting a divorce.

They have even talked in the news about how they were hoping to have children at some point, but they aren't doing it just yet. Amy admits that the show "Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp" actually helped out their marriage. Working through things on that show were great for them.

This show has caused some families to fall apart, but not this one.

It is great to see that "Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp" can actually help make a couple stronger and help their marriage out.

A source recently shared that Amy Duggar isn't allowed to talk about her famous family anymore, but if that is true then she isn't saying it at all. The fans would love to hear straight from her if it is true or not.

Amy has been on the show from time to time, but it isn't like she is on there all the time. Amy also does things a bit different from her family and doesn't follow near as strict of rules as they do.

Don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC with new episodes on July 30. You never know when Amy might show up and be on an episode with her famous family. It should be a great season with weddings, babies and courtships.