There are several blockbuster films that viewers are anxious to see this summer at the theaters. It's no surprise that superheroes will be among the choices based on all the success they've seen. However, "Incredibles 2" brings the potential for animated superheroes to rule the box office for a bit instead of the live action ones. The upcoming film has high expectations behind it based on the original. Based on early "Incredibles 2" reviews so far, it's looking like this one could be a worthy sequel too.

'Certified fresh' at Rotten Tomatoes

It's still early, but the superhero sequel from Disney-Pixar is already creating a buzz.

A report from website indicates that with 39 reviews collected so far, the "Incredibles 2" movie has managed to score an early 97 percent rating on the Tomatometer. That's a good thing, as 100 percent is the top score and anything below 50 is usually considered "rotten" at the website. The rating has dropped slightly since then but could move around in the coming days as more reviews trickle in.

The tweet from Rotten Tomatoes above indicated a 94 percent rating. As of writing this report, the Rotten Tomatoes score for "Incredibles 2" is sitting at 95 percent.

Some of the early reviews have come from Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips, Brian Tallerico of, and the Los Angeles Times' Kenneth Turan. All of these critics seem to have given the sequel praise for still managing to give life to a great animated story on the screen. In particular, Tallerico says it's "one of the most significant achievements" in terms of the "character design and art direction."

Audiences to decide soon

The original film "The Incredibles" came out 14 years ago from Pixar and Walt Disney.

That film had a budget of just $92 million which seems small by today's standards. It generated over $600 million at the box office during its time in theaters, though. That made it a no-brainer for the sequel to eventually follow, but it took over a decade.

The first film's premise involved a family of superheroes trying to live ordinary lives despite having powers.

The father of the family eventually is forced to bring his family out of hiding to battle a former fan who is trying to wipe out all of the superheroes. The cast included Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter among the actors lending voices to the film. Also among those who did voice work in the original film were Jason Lee and Samuel L. Jackson.

In the sequel which arrives 14 years later, the animation may be bigger and better with more vivid colors and scenes. Technology continues to advance and Pixar has been one of the best at showing that off through their line of successful films. "Incredibles 2" will bring back the original family with actors Nelson, Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson among those returning.

A few new actors will also be featured such as Sophia Bush, Bob Odenkirk, and Isabella Rossellini.

In the new film, there's a bit of a play on the idea of which of the two parents takes the lead in terms of fighting crime to save the world and which stays at home to "live a normal life." Basically, Holly Hunter's Elastigirl gets much more of a spotlight role for the sequel but everyone will get involved as expected. It brings a fresh perspective to the superhero world and as one early critical review said, it doesn't quite feel like a "cash grab."

The Rotten Tomatoes consensus so far suggests that the "Incredibles" sequel "may not live up to the original" but is worthy of its title.

The film will officially hit theaters on Friday, June 15 giving audience members a chance to give their own opinion about how good this movie is. It also has several weeks on its own before Marvel Studios unleashes "Ant-Man and The Wasp" for its latest live-action superhero flick.