The final episode of season eight, "Game of Thrones" which is not to be aired until next spring is causing huge anticipation among fans. Much of this anticipation also came from George R.R. Martin's books. It is expected that all the prime characters who made it to the end of Season seven will be returning in the final season. In the last season, leaking of plot outlines and intrusion by paparazzi was way too frequent, which is why the HBO showrunners are taking extra care to keep the final season as spoiler-free as possible.

The shooting of 'Game of Thrones'

Casey Blouse, HBO president thinks shooting multiple endings might be a solution to this problem, especially to help stop the final moments from being leaked. According to Junkee, "Along with all this, they’re also just erecting giant walls around the set so people can’t see in." In spite of a number of measures, spoilers have managed to make their way out of the set of King's Landing, a brand new set built for the shoot of "Game of Thrones," season eight.

According to the Express UK, new spoilers have hinted Cersei Lannister’s days will be over. A massive battle scene has been shot over 55 days, which is probably longer than any major battle in the epic saga.

The gate of the set in Ireland, Belfast was spotted covered with fire ash. A Twitter user, A Red Priestess, posted footage of the dome which showed it was completely ablaze as thick black smoke hovered over the entire set.

The fate of Cersei

Cersei Lannister is disliked for her ruthlessness and the majority of the fans wouldn't like the series to end with a Lannister ruler.

In the last season, Cersei announced her pregnancy and some fans have theorized that she might die in childbirth this season. But considering the pandemonium and destruction in Kings Landing, it might hint towards Cersei being ruled out by her enemies. This quite naturally raises the question as to who will take her place? The answer to this is an easy deduction.

Fansided (Winter is Coming) noted that the raging fire suggests that there could be dragons involved in the destruction of the city rather than White Walkers, without the involvement of dragon Viserion (who has now turned into an ice dragon). To know the absolute reasons regarding Cersei's demise, if that's going to be her end, fans have to wait until next year when the final episode will be aired. Meanwhile, "Game of Thrones" fansite Watchers on the Wall reports that the series' wrap party is set for Saturday, June 30 in Belfast.