On Thursday's episode of "General Hospital" Dante told Lulu that he had taken a temporary assignment with the WSB and had to leave right away. There are new leads on the man who tried to drown Ms. Spencer, years ago, and her husband believes it is his duty to apprehend the culprit. ABC Soaps In Depth confirms that Dominic Zamprogna is leaving Port Charles but there has been no word as to whether his character will return, be recast, or killed off. Dante has been on the periphery of several front burner storylines, but he himself has not been utilized heavily on the daytime drama is quite a while.

Dante leaves family drama behind in Port Charles

Detective Falconeri is leaving Port Charles at a time when his family and friends really need him. His partner, detective Chase, is working with Michael to try to find evidence of Nelle's many crimes, while his father Sonny is dealing with Mike's Alzheimer's diagnosis and the fact that Carly is locked up in a facility for the criminally insane. Lulu is still reeling from Nathan's death and the reveal that Peter August is Henrik Faison. The children certainly need Dante at home with them, but he left so abruptly that he did not even notify his dad or his mother Olivia.

The storyline, thus far, indicates that Dante is leaving Port Charles on a temporary mission, but if Zamprogna does not return to "General Hospital" then a recast may be in the future.

Celeb Dirty Laundry chronicles the sad goodbye between the Falconeri's but says nothing about what will happen down the road. It is not likely that he will be killed off, so soon after his former partner Nathan West was murdered by Faison, another option would have to be in the works. Detective Falconeri may work out of town indefinitely as Maxi did when Kirsten Storms was out on leave.

This would leave the door open for Dominic to return at a later date, but if he does not then a different Dante would be hired.

General Hospital will go on without Dante

There have been rumors for since early June that the popular actor was leaving his "GH" role.

According to Soaps In Depth, Zamprogna finally confirmed he was making his exit in a tweet on June 14. He thanked the fans for their support but gave no reason for why he is walking away from Port Charles at this particular time. As always, whenever a popular soap character walks away, the show will go on. Whether Dante is killed off, or recast his family and friends will move forward into other storylines. Time will tell whether or not Dominic Zampragna will be gone for good or if he will make a come back as so many of his peers have done.