Following reports about Gabe Brown being sick, the "Alaskan Bush People" star is finally feeling better and has returned home. Gabe was reportedly forced to leave his family because of a severe illness last year. It is said that he suffered a fluke-like illness. Apart from that, he allegedly had a bizarre mental breakdown which is the reason why he needed to leave home. Further details about his illness are not yet revealed by the family. The reason why Gabe decided to stay away from his family was for the sake of his mother, Ami Brown. He needed to isolate himself to make sure that Ami will not catch his illness.

It is noted that Ami has a weak immune system because of her cancer, making her vulnerable to different diseases.

Ami's condition

Fans of the reality TV show are aware that Ami was diagnosed with lung cancer. But after a series of chemotherapy sessions, Ami's cancer is gone. The family received good news from the UCLA Medical Center back in May, telling them that Ami has won her battle against cancer. However, the Brown matriarch needs to have a regular checkup for five years to ensure that she is already cancer-free. Since Ami is already healed from cancer and is healthier, Gabe has returned home to his family. Radar Online reports that it was hard for Gabe to be separated from his parents and siblings.

Now that Gabe is back, he is active in building a new land for the Browns. Fans will also see a lot of Gabe in the upcoming "Alaskan Bush People" Season 8.

Gabe's health

After last year's mysterious illness, Monster and Critics noted that Gabe is now happier and healthier, as seen on his posts on Instagram. He shared selfies along with Bible quotes and religious messages.

One of his latest photos is his selfie inside a car while wearing a straw hat and white sleeveless shirt. The post comes with a caption that says, "As you go about your day remember 'the hardest lie to see through is the one we tell ourselves, I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve anything, no one could ever love me, so on and so forth.' -Darwin Edgar Jr God loves us all smile and be happy."

Gabe also shared a picture of himself with his siblings Bird and Rain.

In the said image, he said that one should "surround yourself with the ppl (sic) who make you happy." This picture is evidence that the family has close ties and that Gabe is indeed back home. Fans are expecting that the return of "Alaskan Bush People" Season 8 will not only highlight Ami's battle with cancer but also give more information about Gabe's illness.