Friday (June 29) on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Hope was waiting to confirm to herself and her mother that which spoilers have been predicting and viewers have been suspecting for weeks. She held up a pregnancy test, hoping the results would indicate she is pregnant with Liam's child. Soaps She Knows suggests the possibility of pregnancy, but Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that the test is indeed positive. Spoilers say that when Steffy finds out, she will be devastated by the news. She knows this situation will pull Liam in two different directions and put a damper on her already fragile relationship with her baby daddy.

Brooke, however, will be thrilled, because she and Dollar Bill believe in "Lope" (Liam and Hope).

'B&B' is losing 'Steam' but there is 'Lope' for the future

On Friday, Liam and Hope were working side by side at Forrester, under the watchful eye of Pam. She confided in Charlie that she wishes "Lope" would not spend so much time together and said she was worried that they might reconnect. Pam is team "Steam," because Steffy is named after her sister, but "B&B" has stacked the deck against Steffy for many reasons. Brooke has continued to tell her daughter to keep hope alive, rather than to move on. A pregnancy will b the icing on the cake for this pushy mother.

Bill is threatening to reveal that Taylor shot him, which caused Steffy to tell Liam she did not want to get married just yet.

This caused him to confide in Hope, and once again, have doubts about his baby mama. Ther is also the fact that Liam hates secrets and Steffy has not told him that she is being blackmailed by his father. If Hope indeed is pregnant, then Liam will truly be torn between two children and two baby mamas. Ms. Logan is not hiding anything from him, so when the truth about Taylor is revealed, it will be one more nail in the "Steam" coffin.

Hope's pregnancy changes Bill's game plan

Spoiler alerts also point out that Hope's pregnancy may change Dollar Bill's game plan. CDL teases that Liam's dad may abandon his blackmail plan next week, which indicates he has a backup ploy to take Steffy from his son. He may find out that Brooke's daughter is expecting and back off of Steffy because he believes everything will fall into place.

Earlier spoilers suggested that baby Kelly may belong to Bill Spencer, which, naturally, would lead to the end of "Steam."

Even if Kelly is Liam's daughter, Steffy will not be able to deal with sharing him with Hope and her child. Between hiding Taylor's secret and this new wrinkle with Hope, Steffy could become vulnerable and end up in her father-in-law's arms, yet again. The idea that Liam made love to Hope and created a child with her will simply be too much to deal with. Be on the lookout for additional spoiler updates on this hot topic and be sure to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful," weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM ET on CBS.