"General Hospital" spoilers have reported that Chloe Lanier did not renew her contract and will soon be leaving Port Charles. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that her last day on the set will be this week, and her final air date will be sometime in August. Lanier portrays Nelle Benson who is the most hated woman on the daytime drama. Nelle has caused much pain and suffering for the Corinthos family, but her reign of terror is about to come to an end. Jason, Michael, Spinelli, and Sam are all working to find evidence that she lied about Carly pushing her down the stairs, as Detective Chase wants to prove she murdered her fiance Zack.

Nelle will wreak havoc in Port Charles

Spoilers indicate that the reason Chloe Lanier quit "General Hospital" is to pursue acting venues on prime time television and also movies. Lanier may have seen the handwriting on the wall for Nelle with everything closing in on her and decided to leave Port Charles before her character was written out of the show. On Thursday Jason and Sam were a step closer to proving that invisible ink was used on the flyer Nelle sent Carly to get her to the cemetery.

Once Spinelli can retrieve the message, all they will need is the baby blanket that Ava is hiding, and Carly will be free. There is also the possibility that someone will recognize the scent of Morgan's cologne on Oscar and make the connection to Nelle.

There has been no indication of how Lanier's character will exit Port Charles but before she goes Nelle will wreak havoc on the Corinths family. Michael and Josslyn are the two who are at the highest risk of danger from this psychopath.

Lanier's ending will not be pretty

Celeb Dirty Laundry says Ms. Benson may seek revenge on Josslyn for lying about taking the bottle of cologne she had in her purse.

Spoilers suggest that somehow Nelle will find a way to blackmail her kidney recipient. She may also figure out that Michael does not really want to marry her and turn on him. In the meantime detective Chase is watching her every move and was shocked on Thursday when Michael showed up at the Port Charles police station, seeking a license to marry his baby mama.

Spoilers have not indicated what the end will bring for Nelle, but fans know that Chloe Lanier's final days on "General Hospital" will not end well. With so many people seeking evidence against her and Sonny swearing revenge once his grandchild is born, she will probably end up in Ferncliff, the facility for the criminally insane or dead. Celeb Dirty Laundry has promised updated spoilers as they come in so stay tuned.