On Monday's episode (June 11) of "General Hospital," the Corinthos family's plan for Carly did not work out as expected. They wanted her to be sentenced to Shadybrook mental health facility where she could be at ease until Nelle is exposed. Sonny, Jason, Diane, and Michael were shocked when the judge imposed a sentence of Ferncliff, which is the location where they send the criminally insane. Nelle was smirking, believing she had received the ultimate victory against her sworn enemy. Unknown to Ms. Benson, however, Michael is working around the clock with Jason and Spinelli in order to bring her down.

The Corinthos plan for Carly backfired

When Diane advised the court that the Corinthos family had made plans for Carly to be taken to Shadybrook, Nelle's lawyer objected. The judge made it clear that she had no influence over his decision, and this is when the plan backfired. The judge cited two reasons why he chose to send Carly to a facility for the criminally insane: the fact that the defendant had already spent time twice hospitalized for her emotional issues and also the fact that she never admitted pushing Nell down the stairs. This was something Sonny and crew did not take into consideration and now Carly is headed to Ferncliff.

The Corinthos clan believed that Carly would be at ease in Shadybrook and that Spinelli and Jason would soon find evidence that Nelle set her up.

They were so intent on keeping her out of prison, that the idea of Ferncliff never even crossed their minds. This twist of fate however is also one that many "General Hospital" fans did not see coming. Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that the truth about Nelle is going to come out soon, which means Carly's stay will not be a long one.

'General Hospital' will soon bring closure to this storyline

According to "General Hospital" spoilers from Soaps She Knows, Nelle's victory will be short-lived. This would indicate that a lot of loose ends are about to be tied up. Spinelli will come forth with whatever dirt he dug up on Ms. Benson and Carly will go free. There is also a situaiton with Detective Chase, who referred to Michael's baby mama as "Janelle." Finn's brother and Ms.

Benson obviously have some type of past connection.

Detective Chase seems like a good guy so he probably was not her partner in crime. He may, however, have been investigating the death of Nelle's former fiance and perhaps he has answers that would exhonerate Carly and send her aarch enemy to Ferncliff. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM ET.