David Cassidy's life and death will be the main focus of an upcoming A&E documentary entitled "David Cassidy: The Last Session" which is scheduled to air on June 11, according to CBS News.

The documentary promises David Cassidy fans an in-depth look into the singer's life starting with his popular sitcom family, "The Partridge Family," through his life as a teen idol and solo artist until his death. David Cassidy's journey through stardom was not an easy one. Early in his career, the singer began abusing alcohol. During the last years of David's life his struggle with alcohol became very evident and he was arrested three times for DUI over a five-year period, resulting in a 2014 rehab stint.

David Cassidy's final confession

It was following his 2014 rehab stay that Cassidy began telling his family and closest friends that he had stopped drinking completely. However, it has recently come out that David Cassidy was merely fooling his family and friends and began working even harder to hide his growing addiction to the bottle.

Alcohol was not the only secret that David Cassidy was harboring, according to details from the documentary. Just two months before Cassidy's death the "I Think I Love You" hit-maker made a shocking public announcement to his fans. Fans noticed that David was suffering from physical issues during his live concert performances.

Cassidy's sad and lonely life

He was videotaped by fans slurring his word and often forgetting the lyrics to his hit songs entirely.

He also had difficulty keeping his balance and began ranting on stage. Many believed that the singer had most likely fallen off the wagon, and fans voiced their concerns on social media.

Soon after, Cassidy revealed that he had been diagnosed with Dementia and that he was beginning to experience some of the more advanced symptoms, however, this was reportedly a cover-up.

People magazine reports that the upcoming documentary will reveal quotes from David, stating that he had been dishonest about some things in his life, namely his sobriety and his Dementia diagnosis. The article reveals that David called the producers of A&E soon after his health took a major turn and told them that he had liver disease.

According to People, Cassidy claimed that there was no sign of Dementia and it was "complete alcohol poisoning." The singer added that he was dishonest about his drinking all along and that he lied to cover up his "sadness" and "emptiness."

This admission was allegedly made by Cassidy just two months prior to his death from organ failure on November 21, 2017.

The issue featuring David Cassidy's story hits stands this Friday.