Danielle Maltby and Paulie Calafiore seemed like the perfect couple. She tried to find love on "The Bachelor" and it didn't work out. Paulie was on the shows "Big Brother" and also "Ex on the Beach," but none of the relationships worked out. Now, Paulie and Danielle had been dating, but it sounds like things aren't going well.

Rumors fly Paulie cheated

Now the rumors are flying that Paulie cheated on her and there is actually some pretty great proof. US Weekly shared about how it appears that he was with someone else and it was all shared on social networks.

The rumors are that he hooked up with "The Challenge" star Cara Maria Sorbello while he was still dating Danielle.

Danielle's rep shared saying, "Danielle is too devastated to speak out right now. Please respect her heart and her privacy at the moment, since both have been shattered." So far, Danielle hasn't said anything and probably won't be for a long time if she does at all.

What allegedly happened?

Paulie was at Challenge Throwdown for the Cause, which was an event to honor the late Diem Brown. Cara Maria Sorbella was also there. A fan reached out to her on Twitter and accused her of cheating and she explained that she is single. So basically, if she did anything it wasn't cheating on her part, but the thing is Paulie wasn't single.

After that, Cara shared some things on her Instagram story that do make it look like some cheating went down. In the videos, she is heard saying a few things. She says, "It’s my life." and "Nobody has to know." At that point, there was no reason to really think it was Paulie, but then she shows herself holding hands with someone and this guy has a pinkie ring finger on that looks like one Paulie wears often.

That doesn't prove it is him, though.

The fans are even upset over this. One said, "Cara maria and Paulie are both in the wrong here, paulie has always been trash & cara bashed tony for cheating yet she did the same soo.” It looks like Paulie and Cara are going to get a hard time for this one, but for now nobody has admitted there was cheating yet.

It will be interesting to see how this entire story ends up playing out in the end, though.

It sounds like these two are probably over, but they haven't actually confirmed that yet. Fans will have to wait and see what Danielle or Paulie have to say. Don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelorette" on Monday nights with Becca Kufrin and "Big Brother" will return this summer with new episodes.