Becca Kufrin has become the new bachelorette just months after her relationship with Arie ended. She has said in interviews that she was completely blindsided by her breakup with the previous bachelor, but that didn't stop her from jumping back into the ring. Last week, viewers got to meet the guys that will compete for Becca's love over the coming weeks.

The first group date

In the second two-hour episode of the season, Becca takes some of the guys (Clay, Lincoln, Jean Blanc, Connor, Chris R., Jordan, and Nick) on a group date. The guys must first dress in tuxedos and then compete in an obstacle course race.

Included in the obstacle course is a ball-and-chain race where they had to run a short distance with a weighted ball strapped to their ankle, a bucket of ice-cold water in which they had to stand for a short amount of time, a muddy army crawl that required a bouquet a flowers to be placed in a vase, a staircase made slippery with raw eggs and soap that they had to climb, and a ring hidden in a cake with which they could not use their hands to find.

Lincoln wins the obstacle course by only centimeters; it is neck-and-neck in the end. The sales representative from Los Angeles is covered in grass, water, eggs, soap, mud, and cake, but he gets to pose for a picture with Becca. Lincoln is elated by this opportunity.

When Becca brings a framed copy of the photo back to the bachelor mansion for her agile suitor, the drama begins to unfold with the guys. While Lincoln is putting his prize on display for the world to see, Connor gets irritated and throws the frame like a frisbee. It lands on one of the steps leading into the pool and shatters.

At the end of this date, the rose goes to Jean Blanc.

The one-on-one

Becca chooses Blake for her first one-on-one date. She has a little bit of history with this guy that seemed to make everyone else jealous at first. Blake and Becca met on “The Women Tell All,” when it was announced that she would be the next bachelorette. Blake brought a horse onto the set and advised Becca to “get back on the horse” after her break-up with the racecar driver.

He also showed up on the first night riding an ox.

While The Bachelorette is constantly being reminded of her past, the show has given this pair sledgehammers and a concrete building full of things that are related to her ex. The two spend their day smashing a car, a model kitchen, televisions, and the couch where the bachelorette was broken up with. They have a blast while releasing some pent-up energy. Next, they head to the more romantic part of the date: dinner. Becca and Blake spend time talking and realize that they have a lot in common. She gives him the rose, securing his immunity at the Rose Ceremony.

The dodgeball date

The second group to go out on a date consists of Colton, Garrett, Leo, Wills, Christon, Darius, Alex, John, Jason, Ryan, Christian, and Garrett.

This group of guys walks into a middle school gym where they are coached by three kids on how to play dodgeball. They are being trained to compete in the Ultimate Bachelorette Dodgeball Championship. Although the guys are split into teams for the competition and only one team can win, they’re all allowed to attend the “after party.”

At the party, Becca focuses on getting to know the guys better. She seems to get more than she’s bargained for this time, and she finds out a detail about Colton’s past that makes her question keeping him around. Colton tells Becca that, prior to coming onto the show, he had a fling with her friend Tia. Knowledge of Colton’s relationship with her girlfriend makes Becca feel uncomfortable, and she starts to wonder who she can really trust in this group of guys.

Now, fans are wondering whether Colton will make it through the Rose Ceremony. Wills takes home the rose.

Rose Ceremony and cocktail party

Where there is a Rose Ceremony, there is a cocktail party to kick it off! Becca starts the night off by discussing how much of an emotional week it has been. She gets to have more time with a few of the guys, and there are a couple more first kisses. While she is talking to David, who showed up the first night in a chicken costume chirping “Bec-caw,” Jordan comes out of the Mansion wearing nothing but his underwear. The male model states that he wants to “show his personality,” and prove to Becca that he is more than just a model; that he can be a jokester too.

This meant-to-be-quirky show makes the rest of the guys angry, and Jordan gets into an argument with a few of them. Becca approaches Colton again, and he assures her that he is only there for her.

Becca sends home three men. She keeps Colton, Connor, and Lincoln, regardless of the controversy revolving around those three in tonight’s episode. At the end of the night, Becca decides to give Colton a second chance, although she warned him that she may hold back on their relationship for a while.