This week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" life will become pretty intense for Emma as well as Steffy. Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that both women will face some challenges that could spell trouble for all concerned. Dollar Bill Spencer will be determined to break up Lima and Steffy and keep them from getting married again. Maya is going to find out that Justin is Emma's uncle and suspect that she is a spy for Dollar Bill. Soaps She Knows says Steffy could end up without her baby daddy, and lose the respect of her family and friends, while Justin's niece could lose her job and also Xander, her fellow intern that she is beginning to fall for.

Dollar Bill could be Steffy's baby daddy

Earlier "B&B" spoilers from Soaps She Knows and also Celeb Dirty Laundry suggested that the one night Steffy spent with her father in law could result in Bill being Kelly's biological father. A DNA test indicated that Liam is the baby daddy but both spoilers tease that Bill is certain he will end up with his son's former wife and may have an ace up his sleeve. One scenario is that Bill will blackmail Steffy's OBGYN to lie and say that he is the biological dad of her daughter.

A second possibility is that Bill really is Kelly's father but had the test rigged to fool Liam for a season. A third option that was thrown out by spoilers is that Bill may blackmail Steffy and threaten to have her mother arrested for shooting him.

This could cause her to call off the wedding and leave Liam hanging yet again. There is a reason Bill Spencer is so smug and sure of himself and it will probably be revealed in coming weeks. If Kelly really does belong to him, this will be devastating to everyone in the Spencer and Forrester families.

Maya may cause Emma to lose all

Spoilers say that Maya will be suspicious of Emma this week and find out that she is Justin's niece. The fact that she kept it hidden will cause Rick's wife to believe the young intern is a spy for Dollar Bill. Maya knows that last summer Sally used Cocoa to unwittingly spy on Forrester Creations and steal their designs.

She may not want to take a chance that the same things will happen again to her husband's family. She will confront Emma and it could cause her to be fired.

This will also bring friction between Emma and Maya's cousin Xander. They have just met and are beginning to have feelings for each other. The romance possibly could be over before it really begins. It's looking like Dollar Bill Spencer may be the root cause of two relationships going south. Both Soaps She Knows and Celeb Dirty Laundry will give additional updates as they become available. 'The Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM EST on CBS,