Soaps She Knows has confirmed that actress Courtney Hope will soon be returning to the CBS daytime drama "The Bold and the Beautiful." Her character Sally Spectra was last seen talking about moving to New York with Thomas Forrester. No details were given, so there was never any closure for Sally and her crew which included grandma Shirley, Saul, and Darlita. Fans will be happy to see the fiery redhead back in business as spoilers indicate that she will once again be a part of the LA fashion world. How she will fit into current storylines is a mystery because as of yet no details have been given regarding her return.

Sally Spectra's future is unknown

Thanks to Dollar Bill Spencer, all of Sally Spectra's hopes and dreams went up in flames. Bill tried every trick in the book to obtain the property where the Spectra building was located so he could build a skyscraper. Bill enlisted the help of his niece Caroline to pretend she was dying, so Thomas would reunite with her and their son Douglas. Bill had the Spectra building set on fire and then blown up, all in an attempt to have his way. When his misdeeds came to light he promised to find a new venue for Sally and her crew to create their fashions but it never came to pass.

Thomas returned to LA to inform Sally that Caroline had lied about dying and asked his lady love to leave town with him, Dollar Bill had just been shot, and both Sally and Thomas were suspects.

It turned out that Taylor was the shooter and it was alleged that Ms. Spectra had gone to New York after reconciling with young Mr. Forrester. Now spoilers say the popular character will return to LA, on June 15. Nothing has been said about Thomas returning to "B&B" as well. Earlier spoilers, however, did suggest a romance between Sally and Thorne, so this is a possibility.

Courtney Hope has a bright future

Thomas and Sally were from the opposite side of the tracks, as he was raised in the lap of Forrester luxury, and she had to struggle for everything she acquired. There was also the fact that Sally's aunt and namesake was the biggest rival to Forresssstr Creations. This caused tension, but the young couple persevered through every obstacle.

Ms. Spectra became stuck in soap limbo when Pierson Fode (who portrayed Thomas) abruptly left the show.

Even if Sally's return to "The Bold and the Beautiful" is short term, Courtney Hope's future is pretty bright. Soaps She Knows indicates that her significant other is the handsome Chad Duell, who portrays Michael Corinthos Quartermaine on "General Hospital." The duo starred together in "Friend Zone" which is due to be released later this year. Whatever the future holds, fans will enjoy seeing Sally back in action, even if only for a short duration.