After a few weeks with no new "Ball in the Family" episode, it's finally back as season three got underway last night. Season three comes with updated graphics and the theme song being longer. In season one and two, the only people that were featured in the introductory was LaVar, his wife Tina and their three kids Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo. Now, the whole entire Ball family is featured in the introductory as it now features Denise (Lonzo's girlfriend), Noni and Robert (Tina's parents), Maria and Yank (LaVar's parents), Lavalle and Ren (LaVar's brothers), DMO (Lonzo's manager), Nic (Lonzo's bodyguard) and Alan (LaVar's business partner) to go along with LaVar, Tina and their three kids.

One person that appears on the show frequently that's missing from the introductory is Izzy who is Gelo's girlfriend. Season three opens up with Izzy going to Lithuania to visit Gelo and watch him play as well as LaVar's Junior Basketball Association (JBA) has got on into its early phases.


When Gelo signed a professional contract to play basketball in Lithuania back in December, he would no longer be able to see his girlfriend Izzy for a while as he would be all the way on the other side of the world from their hometown of Chino Hills, California. Over spring break, Izzy decided to go to Lithuania to visit Gelo. They were happy to see each other and Izzy got the chance to watch Gelo play basketball.

On the floor

Gelo declared for the NBA draft and scored 72 points the next game he played after he declared. The only catch is that the team he was playing against wasn't from the LKL which features the best teams in Lithuania. In his first LKL game since he declared, he didn't get to touch the ball for the first seven minutes as his teammates didn't pass it to him.

Melo stated that in the past five LKL games, he only got to play 11 minutes in those five games combined. The coach put him in for a few minutes in the next game and he did well as he got a few points. The team went on to lose 91-76.

Back in the locker room, the team decided to joke around with Melo by having a picture of him without his yellow curly hair next to a picture of Borat saying that in 30 years, Melo will look like Borat.

The team was laughing as Melo discovered the posters all over the locker room. Melo didn't find it funny and said that he doesn't feel welcomed or supported by his teammates and he also said that he thinks that his teammates don't like him.


A few months ago, LaVar Ball announced that he was going to create his own league for high school basketball players that want to get paid to play instead of going to college. While in Lithuania, LaVar does a video reveal announcing that tryouts are open for his league and that they will be hosting tryouts in eight different cities in the States. Also, LaVar and Alan go to a manufacturing shop so they can figure out how they want the uniforms to look and get different sorts of apparel for the league.

Next episode

After all the "Ball in the Family" episodes, they show a preview of what's going to be in the next episode. In episode two, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, Melo gets a massage and goes crazy after his back pops from his tight muscles. Coach Seskus of BC Vytautas gets his players to play soccer so they can bond as a team more and LaVar heads back to the States for JBA tryouts. Their first tryouts are in Seattle and Melo states that he wants to be apart of the JBA. LaVar also tells Melo that he has made a decision for him regarding what he will do in the future regarding his basketball career.