The fans have watched Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon from the first time they met on "Bachelor in Paradise." These two have had a spark forever and it was obvious that Ashley wanted to be with him. Jared has fought it for years and now these two are finally admitting they love each other. They have become a legit couple.

Bachelor Nation shares their thoughts

Bachelor Nation loves the fact that Ashley I and Jared are finally together. The two both shared pictures on Instagram with each other and the comments from the rest of Bachelor Nation are the best part.

As they shared their story, Jared admits that his good friends Jade and Tanner Tolbert told him to go for it.

Jade's comment on Ashley's post says, "Brb crying. Real life room com love story. You guys are the best. Love you sooo much." Carly Waddell said, "IT'S JUST THE BEST IN THE HISTORY OF EVER." Kailyn Bristowe's comment was "IF THEY DON'T MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT THIS....." Dean Unglert didn't hold back and said, "You're FAB. He's FIT. And together you both are FUN. Love you both with all my heart."

The comments just keep going as Becca Tilley says, "YESSSSSS!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!" Juelia Kinney revealed, "THIS IS JUST MORE THAN MY HEART CAN TAKE." If you remember, Ashley I even did an episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker" with Patti Stanger.

Patti put in her thoughts as well saying, "So Happy for you ash, I so think you are twin flames. He finally woke up. Congrats."

Jared and Ashley finally together

Jared and Ashley talked on a YouTube video about their entire story. It turns out that he was into her for a long time, but it took him a bit to go through with it.

Ashley talked about a text she got from him that said that he was feeling sappy and that he tried to get her a dozen roses, but it was delivered to the wrong apartment. It took them years to get together, but it looks like Ashley finally got her man. It sounds like it took them a long time to get to the place they are, but it worked out in the end.

This is the love story that the fans have been waiting to hear and it is finally happening. Ashley never gave up hope and she eventually got her man.

Are you happy to see that Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are finally together? Make sure you don't miss watching Becca K. as she tries to find love on "The Bachelorette" when it starts airing on May 28, 2018, on ABC. She has already confirmed that she is engaged, but fans will have to wait and see who it is that she ends up with in the end.