"Alaskan Bush People" star Ami brown is now free of cancer, as shown by her most recent scans. She was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer in January last year, but after undergoing radiation treatment and chemotherapy, the reality star's cancer had disappeared.

Ami shared with People magazine that she finished the treatment on December 7. On December 21, she received the great news from her doctors that her lungs are now clear.

“The doctors were shocked as we were,” Billy Brown exclaimed.

The cancer had spread to her chest and back, but now all the signs are miraculously gone.

Ami said her doctors have not encountered a similar case before, so the University of California Los Angeles will be using her medical records for a study.

Ami Brown is in remission, not cancer-free

While reports indicate that the mother of seven is now cancer free, the correct status is that she is in remission. To be considered as fully cancer-free, she has to survive the next five years with clean scans. Ami revealed that she will have to be scanned every three months from now on so that doctors can check whether her cancer has returned or not.

Remission or not, fans and supporters of “Alaskan Bush People” are pleased to hear the great news. Some people call it a miracle, but others doubt that Ami Brown had cancer at all because of how fast the tumors have disappeared.

People accused ABP and the Browns of lying

Over at Facebook, people accused “Alaskan Bush People,” Park Slope Productions, Discovery Channel and the Brown family of lying just to boost the ratings of the reality-docu series.

“Discovery should be ashamed. I’m astonished that they would be part of this deception. If she has cancer, this could only be a remission.

It’s an insult to everyone who is currently suffering from or knows someone who actually has cancer. I pray they are exposed for this fraud perpetrated on very kind and caring viewers. It’s a travesty,” one commented on ABP’s official page.

“I said from day 1 this was all lies just trying to boost ratings of the show, I sit back and watched, I knew she wasn't sick, I don't believe for a sec she had cancer, shame on these ppl, liars,” another one wrote.

Some fans defended the family and the show, and wrote, “Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves. You don't attack people that have battled sickness and disease. Who are you to accuse someone of lying. You don't know what they have gone through.” Others pointed out that UCLA Medical Center and the doctors would not risk their reputations to participate in the lies.

Ami is recovering well

In an exclusive interview with People, Ami shared that she is still weak, but she is rebuilding her strength. Her weight declined to as low as 77 lbs, which was life-threatening, but now she has managed to go back to 104 lbs.

The Browns left their homestead in Alaska and relocated to California after Ami’s diagnosis. Now that she is done with chemo, it is unclear whether the family will return to Alaska or proceed with their plans to build a new Browntown in Colorado.