Good news for "Alaskan Bush People" fans! The long-running reality documentary is set to premiere another season. According to Radar Online, a spokesperson for Discovery slammed rumors of the show being canceled. The Brown family, headed by Billy and Ami, are all returning to television this year and are currently filming new episodes.

In January, the Brown family happily revealed that Ami has been miraculously declared cancer-free after rounds of chemotherapy for her stage 4 lung cancer. It has been reported that "Alaskan Bush People" will be airing a new season in May to show how the Browns pick up their lives and start fresh after reeling from Ami's cancer battle.

Rumors of the show's cancellation surfaced since it has been four months since Ami's cancer miracle and there have been no updates from Discovery about the new season.

Weather and health problems have brought the delay

However, the network revealed that they are merely pushing back the May premiere due to extreme weather and health issues within the Brown family members. Despite the delay, Discovery promised "ABP" fans that their favorite reality-documentary stars are all returning for a brand-new season.

'Worst winter' ever

Laurie Goldberg, Executive Vice President of Public Relations for Discovery, revealed that it has been the 'worst winter' in the area where the Browns are currently staying.

This has made filming unbearably difficult for the production. While Discovery has not disclosed where Billy has chosen to relocate his family after leaving the Alaskan wilderness, the rep revealed that the area is "incredibly remote" and is totally inaccessible during the winter.

Billy Brown and his family are now in Washington.

According to several reports, the 65-year-old patriarch splurged over $400 million on a 435-acre land in Okanogan County, Washington in February.

Noah's emergency surgery

Aside from the extreme weather conditions, some of the Brown family members also had to deal with certain health issues. Apparently, Noah, Billy and Ami's youngest son, had to undergo an emergency gallbladder surgery.

Additionally, Gabe Brown has been nursing a "flu-like" illness for several weeks now, Discovery's representative revealed.

Despite these setbacks, Billy and Ami are said to be "incredibly excited" to be filming again. All their seven children are also confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming season.