"Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is about to go live on July 1 and fans are excited about the action-packed scenes of the new anime. This special spin-off is based on a game of the same name featuring different characters. For fans, this is a great way to divert their attention while waiting for the release of the "Dragon Ball Super: The Movie." Reports by Otakukart and Comic Book were used in the construction of this article.

A few days ago, the trailer for the first episode was released, along with a promotional synopsis. The preview shows that Future Trunks will be trapped in Prison Planet after he suddenly vanishes while going to the future with Goku and Vegeta.

A mysterious new character named Fu will appear before Goku and Vegeta to inform them that Future Trunks is in Prison Planet. This facility is unknown by Goku's team and they need to search for its location between the universes. Hence, in order to save Trunks, they will look for Dragon Balls. But their search will not be easy since they will be facing different challenges as well as new villains. Who will be the villains in the anime?

The return of Demigra

Recently, the latest issue of V-Jump in Japan released some new information about "Super Dragon Ball Heroes." It revealed a few details about the new mission of the Dragon Ball heroes, which is called the Universe Mission 3. This involves saving Future Trunks from the Prison Planet.

But there is one thing that will excite fans. The magazine features villain Demigra. As usual, Demigra is wearing a colorful ugly outfit. Demon God Demigra is the main antagonist in "Dragon Ball Xenoverse." He is the overseer of the Demon Realm, with a mission to erase everything in history in order to make him the God of Time.

Demigra will be joined by a side-kick named Roberu. Apparently, Goku and his friends will be dealing with Demigra and Roberu in the upcoming anime. Some fans are also excited to find out the connection between Fu and Demigra, as well as their real intention behind trapping Future Trunks.

Other possible villains

Apart from Demigra and his secretary Roberu, the Time Patrol will also face other villains.

This includes the Evil Saiyan Kanba, who was summoned by Fu when he made a wish through the Dragon Balls. Kanba has the ability to fly using Ki, and he can also use the Ki Blast. Since his hands are inside his straight jacket, he uses two large hand shadows that are separate from this body. One of his floating shadow hands can enlarge into a massive claw. Those who are affected by his Ki can be corrupted, which will make Goku a Super Saiyan Berserk.

With Demigra around, it is also possible that we will see Mechikabura, who is an evil entity from the Demon Realm. Mechikabura has an appearance similar to a Supreme Kai after he wished to restore his youth since he is already very much aged. Cooler will also be part of the anime, which makes things even more exciting! "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" has two confirmed episodes and is set to premiere on July 1 through the series' website.