Teen Mom OG's Tyler Baltierra has some fans growing very concerned about the young reality television star's personal struggles with depression and bipolar disorder. Tyler revealed that this was not something that he had really planned on sharing with the public, but since it is out he wants to be completely open and honest about everything he is going through.

Tyler Baltierra suffers dark days

As previously reported, Tyler Baltierra spoke out openly about his own personal mental health struggles during the "Teen Mom OG" Reunion. This revelation came as a bit of a shocker to a lot of viewers who knew that Tyler has really had his hands more than full for the past couple of seasons helping his wife Catelynn Lowell through her suicidal thoughts and trips to rehab.

Social media is an outlet according to 'Teen Mom OG' star

"Teen Mom OG" fans watched on through the past season watching and admiring Tyler's strength as he wholeheartedly supported Cate, and his father Butch in their times of need. Tyler revealed he has not been quite the rock that everyone believed him to be and that handling things have not been easy at all. However, he revealed to viewers, and to Dr. Drew, that he had also been struggling and had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well.

Baltierra also claims that he has been looking into all types of alternative treatment options. One of his outlets has been through social media. Some of the "Teen Mom OG" star's post has appeared to be somewhat cryptic and dark and this has had some of his followers growing very concerned for him.

In turn, many of Tyler Baltierra's followers have reached out to him, questioning and commenting on his posts, asking if things were okay for him and if there was anything they could do to help him through these dark times.

On May 10, Tyler took to Twitter, once again, explaining his tweets to his fans and revealing that when he feels emotional pain he writes about this feelings and emotions as a way to get them off of his mind at the time.

He also adds that this is by no means something that fans should worry about, this is just a healthy outlet for him.

Tyler just wants to let fans know that, in his life, there are good days and there are some dark days, but he is working very hard on maintaining his mental health and being a good husband, father, and provider. He also thanks fans and viewers for their concerns and uplifting support.

It is good to hear that Tyler Baltierra appears to have a healthy grasp on things at this time, it certainly has been a trying year for him and Catelynn Lowell. We wish Tyler and Catelynn all the best and can't wait to see how their story continues to unfold on the next season of "Teen Mom OG"