Catelynn Lowell is taking a social media lashing over a recent Instagram photo of her three-year-old daughter Nova. The "Teen Mom OG" star shared what she believed to be an innocent picture of her daughter getting ready to color Easter Eggs. However, some of Catelynn Lowell's followers are mommy-shaming Catelynn Lowell because Nova appears topless in the photo.

Catelynn Lowell followers shocked

Cate did censor the picture by covering her daughter's exposed nipples with emoji hearts, but that did not sit well either with her critics.“Someone’s excited to paint some eggs," Catelynn captioned the photo.

Fans began immediately criticizing Catelynn, 26, stating that they felt the photo was inappropriate to share on social media and that Cate had gone too far.

Social media shares, when is it too much?

One comment called the picture "creepy" and another slammed Lowell writing, “right, and the hearts covering her somehow makes it more inappropriate to me lol.” Not all of Catelynn's followers were quite as harsh and some came to the reality star's defense, telling those who didn't care for the photo to "get over it." This is not the first time that Catelynn Lowell has been called out on social media for "inappropriate" photo shares. In 2016, Lowell shared a Snapchat pic of Nova in the shower that also sent followers into a frenzy.

The debate over the photos appears to have followers torn. While some consider it just an innocent moment captured others are concerned over the dangers that sharing such photos on social media could potentially bring. Lowell is also not the only "Teen Mom OG" cast member to suffer fan backlash when it comes to questionable parenting choices.

Former co-star Farrah Abraham recently defended revealing that she had nude photo's of her daughter Sophia on her phone, and Sophia had photos of her nude on hers. Abraham claimed it was "no big deal" and that they often wander around their home undressed taking photos of each other. Fans, however, did not, and never have agreed at all with Farrah Abraham's approach to parenting.

Catelynn has been having a tough time this year. As previously reported, Lowell spent time in rehab for help with depression and suicidal thoughts after suffering a devastating miscarriage. Cate's dad came forward, revealing that Catelynn's tendency for depression struggles are brought on after suffering a traumatic and extremely difficult childhood. The MTV reality star also recently revealed she is putting a new baby on hold with Tyler Baltierra's small family so she can continue to focus on strengthening her health, family, and career for the time being.

What are your thoughts on Catelynn Lowell's photo of Nova, is she being harshly criticized, or is she out of line?