Whether fans feel that “America's Got Talent” will make Season 13 the luckiest of all the talent competition’s seasons depends on personal feelings about superstitions. Simon Cowell and his fellow judges, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum don’t have to be superstitious about anything to know that the coming season, which premieres on May 29, is something special, for many reasons. Simon Cowell gave his own “sneak peek” impressions to People magazine on May 11, and all the people seated on the famous panel concur that Season 13 is one of the most spectacular “America's Got Talent” runs yet.

What Simon says

Simon Cowell had long been recognized for his eyes, ears, and estimation of talent “across the pond” in the UK for years before breaking into American television screens on “American Idol.” His tendencies toward the clever but snide, snarky, and sometimes downright vicious critiques (just ask Mandisa or Jennifer Hudson) got everyone's attention. Becoming a father and becoming more seasoned on “America's Got Talent” for the last three seasons has definitely cultivated deeper sensitivity for the talent-scouting veteran. He has definitely evolved beyond the thought that just focusing on the competition is the key.

“The show, to me, is all about the people,” stressed Cowell. He admires the trust that contestants display in telling the audience, and the judges, about themselves.

He calls that courageous leap of faith “the most inspiring thing about the show.”

Simon certainly had his heart captured last season, by several memorable talents. He went to bat for the dog trainer, Sara Carson, and her dog, Hero, who exemplified bonds of love far deeper than mere obedience. Plane crash survivor, Kechi, captured everyone's hearts with her resilient story of embracing life as much as her angelic voice.

Cowell was all ears and all heart for the hearing-impaired singer, Mandy Harvey, who won his golden buzzer to the finals and placed fourth overall.

What keeps “America's Got Talent” a consistent favorite and a stand apart among talent TV offerings is that there are no restrictions in age, gender, or scope of talent. From seniors to preschoolers, and from songs to deadly feats, everything happens in auditions, and the public ultimately decides what qualifies as talent.

Last year’s title winner, Darci Lynne Farmer, even stole Simon Cowell’s heart with one of her ventriloquism puppets. A piano-playing chicken even became a memorable favorite.

More than one to watch

Howie Mandel has maintained his judge’s chair the longest of the current panel, coming to “America's Got Talent” in 2005. Heidi Klum and Mel B came on board in 2008, and Simon Cowell took his chair in 2011.

According to the mischievous on-camera comedian, there will not be a star born in Season 13, but "new stars."

The heart-tugging true stories of contenders' lives impart lasting memories for all on the panel, and anyone viewing. Mel B is brought to tears in the coming weeks by a violinist who was diagnosed with a nerve disease and was told he would never play his instrument.

Another hopeful is an adoptive dad of five children, whose dearest mission is “to provide a home where they are free to dream.” Hopefully the whole family will have some dreams come true with their “America's Got Talent” adventure.

The audition shows will wrap up on July 10. There will be four rounds of Judge Cuts to follow, which will conclude on August 7. Guest judges will participate in this selection process again this year. Live performance shows will run Tuesday and Wednesday in quarterfinals from August 14-29. Twelve contenders will perform, with only seven chosen to keep competing. Semifinal rounds will air on September 4, 5, 11, and 12. The always thrilling finals will air September 18-19.

For hopeful talents of every description, “America's Got Talent” means much more than the $1 million and a Vegas run. The competition means a transformed life forever, after just minutes on stage.