Tyler Baltierra has revealed that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This past season on "Teen Mom OG," Tyler's focus was clearly on his wife Catelynn Lowell's struggles with depression and his father Butch's drug addiction issues. Catelynn Lowell and her battles with depression and suicidal thoughts have been documented for the past several months on "Teen Mom OG," according to In Touch reports.

Teen Mom OG's Tyler's personal battle

Lowell revealed that especially since her miscarriage, she has really struggled with her depression, forcing herself most days to get out of bed, get dressed, and go about her day.

However, things took an even worse turn for Catelynn, who reveals she began having suicidal thoughts. She revealed during the April 23 airing of the "Teen Mom OG" reunion that she even thought, at one time, about running her car into a pole while she had her daughter with her. Cate's been in and out of rehab for the past few months, leaving Tyler home to handle their daughter Nova, their business, and the remodel of their newly purchased farmhouse all on his own.

Will Catelynn Lowell return to rehab?

However, Tyler Baltierra has not been handling things quite as well as he would have liked. He revealed to viewers, and Dr. Drew, that he has also been struggling and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well.

As soon as the "Teen Mom OG" Reunion Special Part 2 episode aired, Tyler took to Twitter, responding to fans who were showing their support of Tyler. Tyler shared with his Twitter followers that he had not planned on sharing this information on his bipolar disorder diagnoses at this time. But, he felt once Cate got the ball rolling, he might as well go with it.

He also stated that talking about it has made it somewhat easier for him to accept and handle.

Tyler Baltierra also claims he has been looking into the best possible treatment options.

He told his followers that he has been looking into all types of possible treatments, and information that has helped him gain a better understanding of how to handle the disorder. He also reveals that he has refused medication at this time in hopes of first finding a natural remedy.

This is not the first time Tyler has battled depression. He revealed that when he was only 11 he tried to commit suicide. Over the years, he claims he has been diagnosed at different times with depression, using therapy from time to time to help him through the roughest patches. The entire past year and a half have been incredibly hard on both Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. However, it appears at this time that they both are working together whether it be by checking into rehab, medication, therapy, or all of the above to become the healthiest versions of themselves.

I am pulling for them and hope to find that when "Teen Mom OG" returns for the next season that things will be on a smoother track all around for them both. What do you think about Tyler Baltierra admitting he suffers from bipolar disorder?