''This Is Us'' was launched back in 2016 and it didn't take much until it became the very gauge of the genre. What the show teaches us is that the ordinary life of an average American family can be the convergence point of an extraordinary narrative built-up.

The first two seasons are already done and dusted while the third season is confirmed for the next fall. Some voices familiar with the matter stated that Season 4 is also in the making. Overall, the news is all good for the show's fans. And, judging by the magnitude of the current premises, ''This Is Us'' is aiming for a long stretch in the business.

But, having this flurry of possibilities for the narrative built-up is not always a straight path to further success.

Jack Pearson will remain the central image of the show

When it comes to major show business creations, Milo Ventimiglia has seized the spots the minute it became clear that the character he was embodying had been given a crucial role in the show.

Still, even this matter had a major twist which took the shape of general recognition once Sterling K. Brown clinched a Golden Globe award for his role in ''This Is Us''. Randall Pearson might not have the ''axis-Mundi'' status but he still remains a remarkable character.

Jack Pearson may see his presence diminished in the seasons to come but he will still remain the gluing element for the entire web.

Moreover, the connection he had cultivated with his family and Miguel seems to have endured the challenging test of time. That's the way to extract something special out of a rather regular life.

''This Is Us'' is a triumph of normality

Exploiting the daily routine might be an unlikely path to success but that's exactly how ''This Is Us'' mastered its route to fame.

Average people who have average feelings tend to offer average feedbacks. The trick is how to put all these under the proper angle so that the camera will surprise a raw narrative.

''This Is Us'' brought us a sprayed-type narrative like no other. Despite having so many things to keep the focus on, the system of checks and balances smooths the way into a story perfectly glued up together.

Watching this show from the comfort of your nest's couch can be both relaxing and dramatic. After all, it's a TV series drama that chooses to blend comedy with drama in a way that would stick to your retina long after a particular scene or episode.

Moreover, each episode tends to be a fountain of brand new information helping us to connect the dots, at least partially. But, the cascade of information won't protect us from the possibility of a major twist in the next season.