The journey might have been long and hard for Noah and Rhain, but the couple is finally getting married this summer. They are reportedly going to tie the knots in Washington state where the Browns are currently filming the new season of “Alaskan Bush People.” According to Radar Online, the 25-year-old’s relationship with Rhain had been a rough one because his fiancée had been on bad terms with Noah’s siblings—Bam Bam, Matt, Gabe, Bear, Snowbird, and Rainy.

Let bygones be bygones

It can be remembered that the couple organized a pre-wedding celebration in Idaho last March, which sparked rumors because his family was not invited.

It was later clarified that the event was for fans since many expressed desires to be part of their wedding. Moreover, Radar Online reported that the family has decided to set their differences aside and “let bygones be bygones.” So, the wedding is finally taking place. A source told the publication that Rhain is finally on good terms with Noah’s brothers and sisters, and everyone is expected to attend the ceremony. Noah and Rhain are excited to share their special day with their family and friends, the source added.

Will the wedding be featured in ‘ABP?’

Those who can’t be present at Noah and Rhain’s wedding may be wondering if it will be featured in “Alaskan Bush People” Season 8.

Well, we don’t have the official answer, but it is highly likely. The Discovery Channel has already confirmed the return of “Alaskan Bush People,” although there have been reasons for the delay. Laurie Goldberg, the network’s Executive Vice President of Public Relations, explained that Billy and Amy’s family are in a pretty much remote area, which had been experiencing its worst winter.

As a result, some roads became inaccessible. In addition, some of the Browns had health issues.

With all nine members of the family confirmed to be returning for the new season, it would be a good storyline to include Noah’s wedding. It is quite a development as well since they were also featured in the previous season of “Alaskan Bush People” back when they were just beginning to date.

Back then, Rhain could not find a job in Alaska, so she could not move in with Noah as well. Last season, Noah informed his family that he wanted to forge his own path and go his separate way from the rest of the Browns. Ami and Billy gave their blessings, and his siblings were also supportive.

It would be interesting to see how things have changed since then and to have a glimpse of their future plans. Reports say Noah and Rhain plan to have a child after getting married. Ami, who battled late-stage cancer last year, said before that she wanted to see her grandchildren. Stay tuned for more updates on “Alaskan Bush People!”