''This Is Us'' isn't just one of those stories that aims to take you on a wild and intense ride. It has more things attached to its core without missing the major goal which is to simply stun you as a viewer. When it comes to applying a certain method to properly engage the audience, the show comes up with a special offer.

Unlike any other shows, ''This Is Us'' chose to deliver a raw display of the American suburban life and the day to day challenges some families have to overcome. And the whole plot revolves around a single family, the Pearsons in this case.

To get to the core, we have to acknowledge Jack Pearson's role in this show.

Jack Pearson's role won't fade away

When season 2 started, we all tried to anticipate the exact moment Jack Pearson's death would be displayed. Knowing how big its influence was on Pearsons, having a chance to learn the exact narrative might have offered a comforting feeling. Still, it was completely separated from the heartbreaking scenes we all had to witness, especially that moment in the hospital when Rebecca learned about her husband's sudden death.

Rivers of tears may have flown by in the aftermath of Jack Pearson's death, but we all needed to understand how harsh the reset button was for Rebecca and her three children.

Moreover, it was the moment to introduce Miguel, a character that despite his secondary role, ended up gaining some traction once he and Rebecca got together.

Losing their beloved father in such a tragic manner shook up the three Pearson children. They found a way to move on with their lives, but the scar tissues never faded away.

What we call ''the present timeline of the show,'' is placed two decades after that terrible event. In the meantime, life has been following its own course but the memory of Jack is still around and is guiding his family's actions and thinking processes.

There could be more to the Jack Pearson puzzle

Milo Ventimiglia embodies one of the most complex TV drama series seen in recent years.

Jack Pearson is the vital part of the show and this fact is not subject to any upcoming chance. Kevin is being pictured traveling to Vietnam in order to cement his bond with his father while learning some first-hand things about the man he loves so much.

Jack Pearson is still a mystery and all the attention he has received so far did little to solve the puzzle. One particular dark spot revolves around his relationship with his brother Nicky who he seems to have lost while fighting in the Vietnamese war. That and other parts of Jack's past are all parts of a special treat we could receive during season 3.